Speakers and record Storage dilemma

Embarrassing question but I have to ask...

I have a LPBin.com record storage bin and I like it. It’s full so while I’m considering another I can’t help wonder if I’d be better served going back to the ubiquitous IKEA shelves. If I went IKEA I’d have to place them on either side of my media bench and put the speakers (currently stand mounts) in front of them.

opinions seem split on whether the record shelves (full of records) would act as a diffuser or just act as a solid wall. Are there any other potential implications in terms of sound quality?

If I go for another LPBin then it goes next to the other one at the far end of the living room next to the dining room. I’ll be apartment bound probably for the rest of my life so furniture decisions have to be planned for both the current and future living spaces.

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Id agree with Liz.....but the effects of placement would depend on the speaker itself.   I store my records on shelves in the garage where it gets  over 100 degrees in my Arizona sun......never a suggestion of a warp.
Thanks. I guess I’m trying to future proof furniture purchases to the point of obsession. As it is a rented apartment I need to make sure I’m as agile as I can be.

@stringreen I’m in Phoenix and can’t see how they don’t warp. I get Records in the mail and they come prewarped to which I need to flatten to be playable. Crazy.
Gochurchgo....Scottsdale is usually a degree or so cooler
If you put the shelves up against the wall they are going to be in an area of increased bass. I suppose as long as they do not buzz it would be OK. Unless they are going to cover a large percentage of the front wall they will not act as a wall. If they covered the whole wall they certainly would act as a wall. The variations between records in in the order of a few mm.
That would represent the wavelength of somewhere around 60K so they might dampen frequencies above that but down below 20K forget it. You would still need to find your primary reflections and dampen them. 
OK, well it was just a thought. I'll probably order another LPBin. Bummer prices went up but oh well.

Thanks all