Speakers and ceiling..

As in another post I have a problem with bass response(not enough).I tried moving the speakers around to about every spot in the room with always the same result.My question is,is containing the sound in the room important for low frequencies ?My ceiling is made from wood frames with speaker cloth over them so it looks like a drop ceiling .Above the drop the floor joist and insulation would be visable so a lot of the sound leaks out.any help would be great.Thanks
Where did you get speaker cloth from? What price? Please share. Drop ceiling with speaker cloth seems to be super great acoustic treatment idea. It may realy look like lack of power or just speaker limitations.

Marakanetz,The cloth can be had at any fabric shop.In my area there's one called Joann fabric'...As in your comment to my thread It's going to be hard to get more Power unless I move to the 1000 watt monos I whould think 600 should be enough.My speakers are full range and go way low..I heard these in another room with what I would say was subterranean bass....but not in my room..

I had "acoustic fabric" installed on my ceiling in a dedicated sound room and it sounded terrible. The room was way too dead sounding and everything improved when I got rid of it.
I've had the SAME problem hearing a subterranian bass in different room but not in the listening room.
What is the distance from the rear wall? I had this problem percistent up until I moved mine at least 3' away from the rear wall.
The speakers are about 5' (front of woofer)from the rear wall.
Elescher,When you went from your acoustic ceiling to your current did you hear any improvement in bass?
Usually containing the bass in the room is the opposite of what you want, unless you're concerned about disturbing the neighbors. The reason for this is that it reflects around inside the room which acts like an organ pipe, giving you peaks and dips at various frequencies. So while keeping the bass in the room will increase bass levels at some frequencies, it will decrease it at others and give you time smear, pitch shift, and one-note bass.

So I'd look for other solutions, which could include new speakers, subs, or a bit of EQ (so as not to overdrive the woofers or amp). Also, if your room is too live, you adding some mid/hi frequency room treatment might improve balance by bringing those frequencies down some.
Josh358.Like I said earlier in the post no matter what speakers I put in this room the bass is not right .I just don't understand how the bass sounds best when I'm between the plane of the speakers .
Dunno, bass varies tremendously as you and the speakers move/are moved around the room. Rooms also vary tremendously in the frequencies at which they support or cancel bass depending mostly on their dimensions. Have you tried the old trick of putting a speaker in your listening seat and then crawling around to find the point at which the bass sounds best? Then try putting the speakers there.