Speakers and amplifiers show audiophiles are confused.

An audiophile buys a pair of speakers for $50K or $100K then asks what amps make them sound best. That’s about as smart as marrying a girl without knowing her personality. What are the specs that will insure your expensive new speakers and amps will work optimality with each other? There’s got to be an app for that, well no there isn’t because there are too many variables and companies don’t present their specs in a standard ways. Why is it that speaker and amplifier manufactures don’t recommend specific amps for their speakers? Beyond power, impedance, and making your own crossovers how do you choose amplifiers to get all the potential out of your speakers?


@donavabdear then one of you smart people would say here it is a, b, c, d.

Are you saying the rest of us are not smart? That is a bit condescending no? Amp pairing just isn’t the problem you make it out to be. I gave you a great amp to bi-amp your Paradigms and you seem happy with the one you have, NP. I recommended an active speaker over the passives but you seem happy with your current speakers, NP. Everyone in this hobby goes through a similar process, I have seen very few threads of someone with a pair of luxury speakers that had trouble matching an amp. I think room acoustics are a far more common problem.

If we were making an app for audiophile equipment paring what would the variables be?

Personal taste, budget, and room size.

@kota1 Oh no the last thing I would want to do is be condescending to this group, I was serious, I was simply pointing out that it’s often impossible to objectively point out variables in an audiophile sound system as opposed to a professional sound system. We are dealing with art and not science and we don’t have the tools or language to describe it. That’s why it is futile to try to do an app for pairing audiophile equipment, not so much of a problem for professional equipment.

You are up on every part of the audiophile community, I would say you know my frustrations better than anyone. When someone spends 100k on speakers and 50k on amps it’s not normal to boast about when it doesn’t sound good. I’m weird I do’t have much of an ego because I’m new. When someone buys SF Aida speakers and and 4 beautiful tube amps they are going to be sorry and probably won’t post how foolish they were. I’m going to LA with my dealer, and then to Axpona to get an idea about how different components sound, hope it works out.

Interesting.  @ghdp...   got it again. Mfrs need to steer clear, just wattage, etc.

And unless very inexperienced, most audio buffs understand hard to drive loudspeakers and the amplification requirements, at least so far as power and stability are concerned. 

Also agree w/ @audiotroy so far as the order of system construction should occur.

And as regards 'in-your-face' loudspeakers for concert reproduction, I like my ears. But my 'polite' Raidhos will move you around the room if you want to boogie.




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@ghdprentice Was your pinky sticking out while you were writing that response? We are contemporaries but I have never been satisfied with constraints. Live music lives and breaths dynamics…tea totaling doesn’t quite do it for me. Whether it’s Shostakovich’s 5th or Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, I need to feel it and connect to it …it’s a contact sport baby!

+1 I agree 100%! 😎