Speakers and air-conditioning

Can air-conditioning have a negative effect on speakers? I suspect that it can, but I want to get some others' input.

Believe it or not, a superficial googling of the subject ("speaker air conditioning") didn't bring up anything relevant.

My sense is that it can be too effective against humidity (for our purposes), and dry out speakers to the point that SQ is negatively affected. I would guess that any circuitry or current-bearing wiring might also be chilled to the point that they need some warm-up time to get back to normal after periods of air-conditioned slumber. Do I think I may be hearing some of this in my often-air-conditioned speakers? I do. But I'd like some confirmation or input from people with more experience/insight/expertise.

Of course, generally speaking, it's our friend; I know my amplifier likes it. But I'm not sure it's my speakers' friend. And when it's hot out, my speakers are often in an air-conditioned environment.