speakers/ amps liking one another

Good morning all. Looking for some guidance. I appreciate all that have helped in the past.

I listened yesterday to a secondary 2 channel music only.  Seemed very disappointing.       My primary system has spoiled me. Primary system, following: ATI 6000 2 channel amp, Benchmark LA-4 Line amp, Meitner MA-1 DAC, Project RS2T transport and LTA Linear power supply, SVS SB 4000 Sub, Tekton upgraded Double Impacts. Also streaming Qobuz.  In a very large area, listen to only R&R loudly. System is to Die for.

Second system is composed of Peachtree Amp 500, and Peachtree PreDac (preamp) audiolab 6000 transport, Benchmark Dac 3B,  Focal Aria 948's. 2 channel system only, music. Much smaller room 13x13'  Did the speaker placement job a while ago. Note: Focal says speaker can dip to 2.5 ohm's?

I believe my weak link is the Amp and preamp combo (Class D) Looking for used recommendations for SS amp class A/B or A that has some real CLASS power to it. I'll deal with a preamp to add to the amp a little later. Use the present preamp until I can afford a better one. 2 or 3K, give or take some. Any help would be great. Robert TN


Good evening: I spent the better part  of the day trying different things. I removed the Focal Aria 948's from the room in question. I had an older pair of boxed stand a mount JBL Studio monitors 530 (book shelf) speakers. $600 bucks a few years ago. For the money, they are a GREAT bargain. Combine them with a good SUB, in a small area and you have a nice system. Which is what I found out today. WOW!!! The folks that commented on the room were spot on, and the one's that stated the 948's wee too much, were spot on. The smaller stand a mount was perfect.  I will start to look for a much better book shelf in the next few days. Electronics in the near future. Hard to believe the difference.  Absolutely, too much speaker for the room. Also, tried the Focal's in my main area, sounded very good in a larger area, but, for rock and roll,  I preferred my Tektons.Will be selling the Focal's very soon,probably through the MUSIC ROOM. They have been very good to me in the

  past. Any one interested, please let me know. They are PRISTINE!!!! Make me a reasonable offer. Hey, Thanks everyone that tried to help, MUCH appreciated. Now will start looking for a very good bookshelf. Robert

When looking for a stand mount speaker you might try Fritz Speakers. I own his Carbon 7SE MK2. Great speakers not requiring a great deal of power to drive and having plenty of bass. He also has a smaller version of this speaker that may  prove better for your room and use of a sub woofer.  I encourage you to give him a call. 

To Mesch and to Shtinkydog:  I will definitely  look at the Fritz speakers, your models for sure. Thank you !!!!      Also to shtinkydog, I have had them for a while and then they just sat.  You are totally correct, they are truly amazing speakers for the money, what they can do .  I will never sell them, they are like a collectors model. Congrats on owning them too. Happy Thanksgiving. Robert