Speakers: all-time worst

What is the all-time worst (home audio speaker systems, not the plastic cabinets or ceiling types) loudspeaker system that you have heard, and why? In other words, the all-time worst value.
You guys should hop on over to audioreview's site and read "Jimmy"'s 4/30/00 incredibly insightful Bose 901 review :)
Bose is certainly in the running as is Cerwin-Vega but also many of the Japanese electronics makers speakers were gawd-awful! Plus packaged "Surround sound" systems with quantity 5.1 clock radio speakers included may open up a few new competitors for the "crown"
Bose SUCK, so does Klipsh. I really don't know which is worse. I also think Polk Audio and Infinity suck. I really think KLH must be the best I've heard. Whatcha think guys?
I think this particular group of responses is a fine break in an otherwise pretty serious group of postings. Thank goodness Mr. Bose made so much money selling his product to the general public, otherwise, we would not have nearly so much fun here at Audiogon! After all, "We deserve a break today" and Bose is pretty much McDonalds. (Sorry in advance to you who like Chicken Nuggets!)
I agree Roachone except with Polk - the old SRS/SDA series, the big ones; 1.2tl and 2.3tl, are excellent speaker systems with the SDA portion REMOVED. With great components and wire feeding these boys they sound as good as any speakers I've heard in the 5K range. In a highend system these speakers are outstanding!! Unfortunately they came out during a recession and had a crappy marketing plan - mass market with mass market equipment and they have always gotten a bad rap from dealers who lead the uninformed around like sheep.