Speakers: all-time worst

What is the all-time worst (home audio speaker systems, not the plastic cabinets or ceiling types) loudspeaker system that you have heard, and why? In other words, the all-time worst value.

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Well, let's throw in something made in Britain - the Celestion Ditton 25; a speaker designed to take advantage of the fact that 12inch drivers disqualified the speaker from Purchase Tax back in the 70s (professional, you see..) Unfortunately, they also disqualified it from having anything other than awful boomy bass, supported by two HF13OOs wired in parallel for the mid and a T2000 tweeter that sounded awful. With the grilles off, it looked like a homebrew and sounded worse. Even in the 70s it was bad, I got shot of them soonest and changed them for - Celestion Ditton 66s! Yes, the same philosophy (12" units, ABR and all) but done properly and sounding pretty good until I got the Gale 401s with the coooool chrome end caps - enough said.