Speakers: all-time worst

What is the all-time worst (home audio speaker systems, not the plastic cabinets or ceiling types) loudspeaker system that you have heard, and why? In other words, the all-time worst value.

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Bose Blows the Most. Even setting aside the rediculous over pricing, and their marketting that is killing high end audio, they are still some of the worst speakers I have ever heard. The AcoustiMudds, the 9 mids 0 tweeters 1 helluva price model, and everything in between - they are all terrible. If I had to choose between Bose, Cerwin Vega, and a used tire, I'd take the tire and beat it with a stick to make sound. I am always saddened by the high end audio industry's lack of marketting ability, when a friend asks me if my "pretty good audiophile" system has Bose speakers. I kindly inform him that I did not pay for advertising, but for wood, drivers, and a thing called "music".