I like to listen to rock music. rolling stones, led zeppelin that kind of music. I like it loud! I have a McIntosh mx132  h/t pre-amp and a mc602 amp. what speakers should I get!
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It really comes down to budget,

$10k Legacy Audio Focus they play loud, are very efficient and the larger Focus can handle 400 watts, very deep bass, liquid midrange, sweet top end.

$25k Legacy Aeris play really loud and can handle even more power, deep room filling bass, comes with a room correction processor and dac.

$32k Kef Blades remarkable transparency big sound stage, very tight deep bass. 

$60k Scaena line array, with dual subs, effortless big sound stage very deep bass, very low levels of coloration great room interaction.

Wilson Audio any models above Sabrina, used pair of Maxx 3 are very good, Scaena sound better. 

If you are on the East Coast we have the Legacy, KEF, and Persona models. 

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Rolling Stones use ATC. Not sure about Jimmy, Robert or John Paul.
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Hey Shadorne, we are ATC dealers and they do play loud the only issue is the size of the speakers compared to some of the larger more monolithic speakers which will of course sound bigger.

The ATC are excellent, and in terms of midrange accuracy and dynamics are absolutely fantastic.

Tekton 1812


A couple guys preferred the Tekton Double Impacts to the Legacy Focus. I've never heard the Focus but the Double Impacts are outstanding for rock and any other genre. Not too many speakers have a strong mid bass impact which I find critical for rock. I play a lot of classic rock and sometimes some really heavy stuff like Pig Destroyer or Soilent Green. While these recordings are never going to sound amazing the DIs certainly make the best of them. 
Legacy Focus SE. Excellent for Rock/Pop. Does the Jazz thing and vocals equally as well.
Golden Ear Triton 1, Triton 2 or Triton 2+.  All excellent for rock music.
thanks for the suggestions. what about mcintosh speakers?
+1 @stereo5   for Golden Ear recommendations.

Otherwise, perhaps the seldom talked about (on this forum anyway) JBL 1400 Array
Klipsch Forte III.
Wilson speakers are excellent for rock music
Canton Reference 1k is worth a listen, budget permitting.
Klipsch k horns or LA Scalas. Maggie are awesome when warmed up! These can be a little less expensive than B&W 801's!
I've never a heard a brighter pair of speakers than the Golden Ear Triton One. I listened to Pink Floyd and Dire Straits  albums on these, paired to a McIntosh amp at my local dealer.

 I apologize for offending GE owners, but never have I heard such an overpriced pair of speakers. Top end was ear-piercing harsh, and the bass was unimpressive to say the least. Mind you this was in a well-treated, dedicated listening room. I just don't understand the appeal of Golden Ear. I can usually find good traits in any speaker brand, but that's the first pair that sounded downright awful. They were powered by some large McIntosh amp, so I sort of doubt it was a power quality issue.
The Revel Concerta F36 at only $1500 was a much better speaker to my ears, by a country mile. 

Don't take my word for it though, try to audition them and a variety of others. I just highly recommend against jumping in head-first with the GE brand.

Judging by your gear, assuming you have a decent budget, I'd look at the Revel Perfoma F208 and Monitor Audio Platinum series.

Klipsch Cornwalls would also be a good option.

Here you go!
Or these!
More ear bleeders!
Knock your socks off loud!!
Get head banger speakers and rock out.
It is not well known or it seems well understood here that producing loud music cleanly with negligible distortion and realistic dynamics is actually very difficult to achieve in a speaker.

A PA speaker is NOT the solution. A main studio monitor is what you are looking for. Check out also PMC, Barefoot, Genelec, Westlake and a few others that do the incredibly high quality audiophile sound at high SPL - levels that would destroy most audiophile designs - audiophile designs often only perform extremely well when operated at modest levels.