Speakers 500,for Audio Refinement Amp

I am currently getting a new system, sold my Audio research LS-7 pre and my Rogue 88 ,replaced it with "The Audio Refinement Complete integrated amp.Also selling my Martin Logan Aerius speakers, so I am looking for an inexpensive small bookself speaker, the smaller the better and under $500,I like the new B&W LM1's, perhaps bostin acoustics, Yes I know I am downgrading but the amp is really great and I do have a MSB DAC and Nordost wires so I still have the makings of a very 'good' system if I can get ther right speakers, Thanks for any suggestions, Nick
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If you like B&W's for around $500 get the 602-S2 or if not the 601-S2. They are good all around speakers.
If you like monitor speakers & listen to a lot of acoustic music,jazz & classical,you owe It to yourself to go & listen to Morel speakers,their site is (www.morelusa.com)I myself have a pair of mlp201.3,I've compared them to speakers three times the price & the midrange & silky high is not comparrable,If you like them I have a pair for sale ,I've upgraded to floor speakers , i no longer need my Morels,Thanks Pierre
Look at the Boston Acoustics CR-8. Can be had usually for less than $300.00. I bought a pair several weeks ago when Sound Advice in Florida had them for buy one get one free. A frequent poster at Audio Asylum had been raving about them for some time and I had not really listened to a BA speaker since I owned them in the early 80's. Bottom line they are a great speaker for them money and can do an honest mid 40hz if placed properly. Since some of the newer BA speakers can be a little foward they would be a great match with the AR which is somewhat laid back. While these speakers cannot compete with the Vandersteens, Meadowlarks and Reynauds I have on hand at anywhere from 3 to 10 times the price they are a great bargain and are very satisfing. I am using them presently with a tube amp whose sonic signature is very simular to the AR. Another good speaker to try is the Sound Dynamics RTS-3, which can be bought for less than $200. It has recieved rave reviews from several magazines including Absolute Sound. Not much to look at but a great sound. Takes at least 100 hours to break in. Does not sound good right out of the box.
Maybe a pair of Linn Kan's or if you could squeeze another $100 there are a pair of Silverline SR12's for sale for under $600 (I have no connection to the the seller) that would be nice. I just sold a pair of Castle Isis that are great little speakers, but I rarely see them on the used market.
Acoustic energy Aegis-1.
I would get something like a Paradigm Studio 20 or something with a lively balance. Both the Audio Refinement and the MSB dac are laid back in sound....a pair of Totem Mite's could be another choice....good luck
Castle Richmonds. Warm, smooth and a sound that belies their size. There are dealers here on audiogon selling the "demo's" for $320 or so. Sean
With the Compelete I would suggest looking at speakers that present an easy load in order to get the most out of your amp. 8ohm, 88db or more. My first thought was the Dynaudio 40 but it does best with more current. B+W has the new 300 budget range, I havnt heard them but they might be promising.
Try the Totem Speakers
I have the Arro IIs with the Audio Refinement and it is amazing.
I also auditioned several preamps and I love the Audio Refinement.
The Totems are a great match.