What is the best sounding, surround, speaker setup available?
what is the sound of one hand clapping?
Marsh, that depends on your room, budget, setup...etc. Every 2-channel/HT system is in a way, "customized" for/by its owner, so it is pretty difficult to recommend one, two, or the "best" system availble w/o more information.

I would recommend you to look through some of the earlier HT and speaker-related threads and do some audition at home for the "best" speaker system.

Hope this helps, and happy listening!

I use the NHT HT speaker system myself.
I would bet it is in Mr. Albert Porter's listening room.
What ever your budget it seems to help an HT system to have the same basic brand of speakers all the way around. (for example having B&W 600 series all around with a CC6 center). This way the sounds and voices will be consistant all around you.
The top of the line B&W Nautilus Series comes with speakers for all HT applications including center channel, so if money is no object, give them a listen. Also get a good powered subwoofer that matches the quality of whatever speakers you get.
Take a look at Paradigm reference active. Couple this with a Antheum AVM2 preamp and balanced leads....an awsome combination.
I think a martin setup makes for a nice ht. A little pricey, but very transparent and detailed. Sub is a must if you want to make the room move. good luck pete
If your on a Budget take a listen to the Energy Take 5, and the Definitive Technology ProCinema 100. Both under 1200 for the complete package. The Take 5 runs about 850 but I recommend to go with one of Energy's bigger subs. If you have a bigger budget. NHT, B&W, Atlantic Technologies, make really good mid-priced systems. If you don't care how much you spend, give the aerial acoustics (With 10T's as mains) a listen. You'll be blown away. I was anyways. Good luck.
For 1,500 the B&W gear sounded rather nice and nht does make for some good sound also. Never had the pleasure of listening to AT or energy, but I was impressed with the sound that came from the small B&W monitors. good luck..
My considerations currently include revel and aerial. Maybe that will helps with ideas on budget. I'm looking for remarkable obscure brands. Obscure to me in Memphis TN that is. Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!
LINN A/V 51. (This system costs $27,000 , so it better be good!) To make this system even better, upgrade the rears with Linn's full range speakers. This brings the total to $33K.
Thank you to whoever gave me the neagtive ratings. It's nice to know that after a long day at work I still need to think about my grammar when posting a follow up. If it wasn't all about the grammar I think you need to grow up. He asked the question and I gave my input. If you don't like my advice, don't use it.

I think that will have to depend on a few factors:
(01). Room Size.
(02). Room Acoustics.
(03). Your Music Listening and Movie Viewing Habits.
(04). Quality of your equipment.
(05). And, your budget.

Those would be the factors you need to consider before deciding on which is the best home theater speaker package for you. When it is time to buy, you will also need to consider two additional things. One of them is, whatever package you are considering buying, make sure that the "voice" timbre is consistant across all of the channels. And two, just like "Sugarbrie" has said, make sure that when it is time to invest in a subwoofer, make sure the quality of the subwoofer matches that of the rest of the speaker system array and your electronics as well.

Personally, I am looking at Energy Take 5, Paradigm Cinema and the PSB Alpha Series. I will be after a balanced sound, which is crucial for the thorough enjoyment of movies. I hear that the Harman/Kardon receivers exhibit a warm balance overall, as well as the Pioneer Elite DV-37 DVD Player. So, I am going to either want to invest in a bright speaker system, or use bright cables to open it up a little bit. But again, hey, that's just me.

I would also advise that you listen before deciding. After all, that's half of the fun anyway.