speakers $3k or less

i am looking for a small front profile speaker (9 inches or less). i like jazz vocals and instrumental music. one system i use arc ls25mkII pre with arc vt100mkIII amp. in another system i use batvk50se pre with batvk60 amp. coincident super eclipse looks nice but idont know if the 14 ohm impedence is a problem with the arc. another speaker might be the audio physic virgo. havent heard either speaker. what do you think or recommend another. thanks

I'm currently using the Super Eclipse with an ARC VT130se (upgraded by Great Northern Sound) and a Bat VK30se.

I'm stunned by the sound - very open, dynamic, and pin point imaging and unbelievable sound stage. Prior to this I had a Spectral / Proac system.

The 14 ohm load doesn't seen to be a problem. I sent an email to Coincident & they recommended using the 16 ohm & then the 8 ohm tap off the amp.

thanks for the info. i have been leaning towards the eclipse. gary
off topic but Smotyka Steve

how did you like your Great Northern Sounds mod??



I'm very pleased with the mod.

Steve Huntley replaced the original wonder caps with Cardas Caps, replaced key resistors & also installed a 20 amp EIC power connector on the back. The 130se had a fixed power cord to begin with.

He also recommend that I use the 20 amp Shunyata Python power cord. I did that and the power cord difference was huge.

Steve Huntley is a great person to deal with.

If you need any further info drop me an email.