Speakers $3-5000 Good Match for Pass XA30.5

What sounds and works best?
Thiel loudspeakers are an outstanding sonic match for Pass Labs.
We can discuss the best cabling to tie everything together.
I would seriously consider focal as they are fantastic with the class A power of the pass amp.

I do love the 1008 BEs I heard, but not with this amp yet.
jafant thanks, you sound like a dealer, so biased perhaps. Personally, if a company can't have a workable website, I pretty much pass them by.
Would be most helpful if you told us what sound reproduction characteristics are most important to you and price range. 
Sorry, you did specify price range.  I'm an idiot. 
Accuracy and transparency. Musical, not hifi-ish.

I have Revel M106s now. Looking to better these.
Dealer Disclaimer:  I sell 'em.

Ryan R630.  3 way 4 driver.  Made in California by people who listen to music.  I demo them with Power Modules Inc. M60 60 watt Class A mono amps to wonderful effect.  The 30 watt stereo version is all the amp they will ever "need".  The combo make music.

Not a dealer/retailer here, just a fan of excellent gear & excellent music!
The Ryans look interesting. Meets the minimum recommended sensitivity plus it's 4 ohms. What's the cost of the R630? Thanks.