I have a pair of mint Silverline 17. I bought them thru Audiogon some years ago. In reading the many reviews/comments about the 17's I suspect I may not be getting the most out of them. They are powered by HK 3470 receiver, the room is 10x13, 8 ft ceiling. The speakers are 24" stands, one foot from the wall. 6-7 ft. apart. My other speakers are Tetra 120u, they sound magnificent, easy placement. I really have turn up the 17s to get some goodness. Any suggestions for getting more from the 17s? Thanks.

You might find you need to move them closer to corners to take advantage of room gain. Another contested topic.

Comparing both speakers, they might just be different enough to need different setups. (Low frequency limit, flatness of frequency response, efficiency etc)