Speakers 12.5" or shorter, $1K new or used

I've been hunting around for small speakers for a while. I'm running a pair of Silverline Minuet Supremes right now and love them, but can't help wondering if there's something out there that I just haven't tried, that might be better.

My system is a Marsh P2000 pre, Aragon 2004 amp, Emotiva XDA-1 DAC. Due to space constraints, they have to be 12.5" or shorter.

What I'm looking for is something that is a good all arounder and isn't too particular about placement. I listen to everything from AC/DC to Diana Krall to classical.

So, what's out there, new or used for $1K and under? If you could compare them to the Minuets, that would be great.

They don't come up often on the used market but if you like the Silverline sound you might get a pair of the SR11s. I've owned them twice, great little speakers.
Sorry can't compare them to the Minuets, but my suggestion is the ATC SCM7 (unbelievable little buggers).
I just saw an ad by Independent Audio Video in Delaware (don't know them) selling a mint used pair of KEF LS50s for $850. Nothing can touch those speakers at their MSRP price or maybe even at twice that.
Key ls50 or Gallo Strada. Both a little more than you want to spend. I would save your pennies and wait. You already have one of the best speakers under $1k that there is so it would be easy to make a lateral or backwards move. The above speakers represent a clear step forward IMO.
I'm with Vlad. Those Kefs are awesome. I might go head to head with you. I could lose my current speakers and simplify my life with the Kefs.

Go for it. I've tried them and in my room, they are nothing special. From what I've seen, they need some room to breathe and I can't provide that. Right now, I'm thinking about checking out the ATCs mentioned above and Dynaudio Excite X12s.

Keep 'em coming.
Those KEFs require tall stands to get the coaxial drivers at ear level.
I've heard the LS 50's a bit and while they might well rock out, IMHO they are way too forward for Classical and Jazz.
And I love KEF in general.

If there is a better speakers than the minuet for a small room, I never heard it.
Thanks, guys. Like I said, I've tried the LS50s, but a couple of things have changed since I tried them. If I get the opportunity to, I'll give them another shot.

I also googled the Gallo Strada. That looks like an interesting little speaker. I'll likely need a better sub, or an additional sub with those, though.

Are the Stradas picky about placement?

I was also glad to see the positive remarks about the little Minuets. At this point, I think that I can pretty much forget about looking at other speakers in the sub $1K range, as they would likely be either a side step at best, or a step backwards at worst.

Thanks, again.
Replaced my Minuet Supremes with the Minuet Supreme+.
Have been to many shows and these still rain supreme in this price range.
Upgraded through Sal at Audio Summa.
Magnum, the Supreme Plus model is what I have.

I appreciate all of the suggestions and have gained some food for thought, but it appears that for the $1K range, I'm probably doing about the best that I can, especially considering my space constraints.

I got the Marsh P2000 in today and it seems to have breathed more life into the little Minuets. It's amazing what something as simple as a pre amp can do.