Speakercbl runs through my doorway and too thick

So I am auditioning a new pair of speaker cables. I brought home some Shunyata Andromedas and they are about 3 times as thick as the Straightwire sextet cables that are currently in my system. So they are sounding great, the problem is so far that the cable runs through the doorway that connects my kitchen and living room. (There is no other way to setup my system) So I am wondering is there any type of housing I can run the cable through that can make it so I can walk over it easier? I do no want to run the cable through the basement, that would require 2 1-1/2 in holes in my floors + longer cables.
Anyone ever run into this problem??
So, I thought that maybe a pic would make it easier to visualize what I am talking about.

Just something to go over the cable, maybe some type of cord channel that would accept thick wires or the cable safety strip
the first one on the list, but something that would accept a larger wire.
It's hard to tell from the picture exactly what the diameter of the cables is but maybe something like this aluminum door threshold would work? Looks as if there is an inch of space underneath.
You could try a device that is designed to offer trip hazard protection for cords and wires.
You have most likely seen these at conventions, concerts and other public places.
They are rubber , about three inches wide, rounded on the top and flat on the bottom which goes on the floor surface. They have a slit in the bottom and a hollow area to tuck cords/wires.
They can be cut to desired length.
I would look at a Graingers store or commercial electrical place.
Good luck!
Remove your baseboard, drill holes inside the walls to basement and through the baseboard. When no longer needed fill holes with insta foam and replace baseboard. Your walls should be about 2 1/2"+ with sheetrock & baseboard.
How handy are you? The width of your door molding plus drywall is about 1" (or more if you have plaster walls), which means you can offset the cable about one inch toward the kitchen – which is right where the threshold sits. To do this, I would carefully remove the door molding (which you will reuse), remove enough of the drywall/plaster behind where the door molding goes so that you will be able to route the cable into where the threshold sits. Now, remove the existing threshold and cut out (skill saw + chisel/hammer – or, preferably a router or wood grinder) an area about two-thirds the depth of your cables thickness and just slightly wider than the width of the cable. Then, route your cable into the new “channel.” Replace the door molding. Now, you will install a custom wood threshold (you can buy one or just buy a piece of hardwood that matches your wood floors). You will want to cut a dado on the underside of the new threshold (the depth of which will be the remaining one-third of the cable width – and the width of which will be slightly wider than the width of the cable). Now, cut the threshold to fit, and place it over the cable. This will look professional, and it will provide a safe environment (for you and your cable).
Thank you all for your responses. I am not sure if I will be keeping these cables, so maybe I can just find a cable that isn't so big. If not I will look into some of the other alternatives.
Thanks again