Speakercable w vg definiton of drumssounds.

Hi, looking for speaker cables with very good defintion of lower mid and upper bass !

Recommendations please !
Hi Griss.

I'll shamelessly plug our cabling because...I am a percussionist and drummer. Here's a track by Dave Weckl I use as part of our evaluation arsenal...

HERE if you have QuickTime
HERE to download onto your PC.

Check our ad here on A'goN for Poiema!! Sig. cabling or contact us for other available cabling and sale pricing.

Regardless, ENJOY the file one and all!

Of course it depends on what your system is but I find my Audio Note Lexus speaker cable to have superb definition and especially realistic tone and weight in the critical bass/upper bass regions.
Best I have ever heard was shotgun double biwire run of AudioQuest Dragons. Garden hose, using OCC silver. Felt like I had an extra octave of explosive bass over any other cable I have tried in my system. Nothing else has even come close. If you want bass, I doubt you'll find much that approaches AQ Dragon. It was like the drummer was sitting before. Positively concussive.

Interestingly enough, AQ Midnight, which is the same cable, using copper, was one of the more lightweight I have tried.

Had to sell the Dragon, as it was just as relentless in the midrange and treble in my system at the time. Would love to hear it again now, with the changes I have made since, however.
I just purchased AQ Midnight Plus's on Agon for $150 shipped. These are really ideal for drum sounds. Bass, attack, are tremendous (I've unplugged the subwoofer) - and yet the treble isn't rolled off at all - even a bit edgy giving you the full shimmer of cymbals etc.

I listened today to a percussion work by John Cage that I've listened to many times before. I was just astounded by all the realism I had given up before.

My only knock on the Midnight plus's so far, is its bias to a more aggressive sound, where I usually prefer somewhat more laid back. But if you listen to lots of drums, percussion, this is the cable for you!
Hi, And thanks!
Hows Aq Gibraltar or Mont Blanc ?

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