Speakercable for B&W Nautilius

I've just sold my old MIT Termator 4 speakercables, and I would like to match my system the best posible way. Any recommandations for B&W Nautilus 802 with theTacT Millenium mk. II digital amp? I've considdered Tara Labs Air, MIT Terminator 2 and AudioQuest Clear.
After considerable auditioning with various speaker cabling, I found the best match with a new company called Stealth Audio Cables (http://www.interlinkhouse.com/). I recommend the you bi-wire your 802s. I tried the Synergistic Research (Resolution Reference top / .5 resolution bottom), Audioquest Caldera, Tara AIR2. The best performance resulted in using the Stealth cables (I will be using the Certified Ribbon and HL52). I was very impressed with their cabling and Serguei at Interlink was very knowledgable and helpful. Plus these cables can be terminated with the best connectors on the market (WBT). I'm using my 802's with a Proceed HPA2 amp. I haven't listened to a TACT amp but should be very impressive with the 802s.
I am running Transparent MusicWave Super BiWire on my Nautilus 804's and it sounds awesome (driven by a Krell KSA-200S) Definately have a listen to some of these cables, but I would recommend that you not go below the "Super" level of product with the Nautilus series, they are far too revealing in the midrange to short change yourself on the cables. Good luck !
Never heard the TacT product, but the 802N with either the Bryston 4B ST or 7B ST monos and double runs of Kimber 8TC sounds very nice and natural.
I was going to urge you to try Stealth, then saw that Mbolek already has. I've had MIT CVT Terminators and Audio Magic Spellcasters, and my Stealth Ultimate Ribbon is in another league altogether. I also used Stealth Premier for a while, and it might beat UR in some systems, but didn't in mine,
I am breaking in new Nautilus 805's and am using the Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Biwire with superb results. These are easily auditioned in home thanks to their 30 day return policy. They really do require a long break in period (90-200 hrs.) and I think the few negative reviews are due to trying cables not broken in yet, even with cables that the dealers say are broken in I have found that they need a day or so to settle in.