Speakercable and powercord that thightens bass.

Hi all,
I want speakercables and/or pccord that tightens the bass.

Silver usally tighens bass more than copper but what do you have? What speakers? We need more info before we can recomend something. Also what price range? As I alwas sugest with speaker cables I would find a dealer that will let you demo some.
Agree w/ Geek. I put an Aural Thrills Silver 10 AWG PC on my Depth Subwoofer, and it mad a big difference over the stock PC. I can't say about speaker cable, but the shorter the better for good bass.
A blackwood equipment support wood cone, the patented particles infill ensure linear energy transfer. The very special tungsten infill improve the ultra high frequency performance required by today's SACD and DVD-A standard.

And YES, I do sell them as a dealer. This is a fantastic new product from Japan.

Michael Wolff
I'd try some silver or at a lower price point maybe one of the nordost cables.
vh audio airsine.
Is the blackwood a cable lifter, a component vibration isolater / coupler, or a cord?
Try this DCCA ref 1 pc,in my system, the bass is so
natural, and tight.It flesh out the bass of my system,
they are also very consistent, I tried them with
3 diferrent system,the result is amazing.They have
30 days trial.My only concern,you would probably
end up buying it.Thats what happen to me.Good Luck
Honest1 ,
Vibration devices.
Different suggestion to achieve the same effect:

Realtrap Basstraps--you might have "bloated bass" because of an untamed room...

(I am running Nordost SPM's but in contrast to wrtickle, I can't point "nordost" &
"lower price point"
in the same sentence.
Why use room treatments when a cable lifter is all you need?

Jayctoy is correct that DCCA Audio cables are simply amazing. I use the product through out my whole system. Great bass is one of qualities these cables offer. An incredible presence of life-like live music in your listening room is another.
Sorry, but I can't let this go. Virgo_ref wrote:
Jayctoy is correct that DCCA Audio cables are simply amazing. I use the product through out my whole system. Great bass is one of qualities these cables offer. An incredible presence of life-like live music in your listening room is another.

C'mon, Virgo_ref (Don), you know Audiogon rules require that you disclose that you are the fabricator/manufacturer of the DCCA cords. You may have a world class power cord, Don, but do the right thing and be upfront with all those reading this thread.
Sorry, Audiogon members wasn't trying to pull a fast one on anyone or everyone my member name is attached to DCCA Audio very clearly. I am DCCA Audio and to be honest I'm not praticed at all on these forums. Don O.
I will vouch for Don (Virgo_ref). He is an upstanding guy who is a real pleasure to deal with. No harm meant with his post. He has an outstanding product that he is proud about, as he should be. His support has been fantastic.

I first heard his power cables at Jayctoys place, and they transformed his system. I tried his Ref-1s on my system (with his trial period, why not?). I ended up buying two of his Ref-1s.

The Ref-1s have added a palpability, a presense, a naturalness, and dimensionality to my system that wasn't quite there before. Bass is tight, not overblown, highs are extended, and the midrange is truly wonderful with the Ref-1s. I would have never thought that power cables can drastically alter the sound of a system, but they really do!

There are times where I have second guessed my purchases (too many, for sure), but this isn't one of them.

Of course, the usual disclaimer pertains: system synergy is key in anyone's system, and while these work great in my system and Jayctoy's and a few others, ymmv. With that in mind, the DCCA Ref-1s are worth a try with the no risk trial period, and they will compete with the Shuns, Elrods, EGs, VDs of the power cable world, at a better price.

Second disclaimer: I'm just a happy customer of DCCA, no other ties.
By the way I discover this DCCA pc by accident thru
711 smillin, I did not have the desire to try at all,
Only the next day I was bored and tried it, To my
amazement,I called Steve and buying it from Him,To
me the Ref1 pc, is cheap, for the music, I am getting
on my system,I would say this power extreme pc,made
me feel like, my Bat 500 is getting all the power
it needed,the dynamics macro and macro are there,
Soundstage and extension is huge and wide.Its also
very smooth.One thing I like most of this cable is
the palpability.To me this cables are treasures.I dont
need to spend thousands,to buy pc, to get good music.
This are unknown cable but they are good.
Bon, are you using that DCCA PC on your CD player?
Thank you,
DCCA Ref-1s are worth a try with the no risk trial period, and they will compete with the Shuns, Elrods, EGs, VDs of the power cable world, at a better price.

1markr, would you please discuss which Shunyata, Elrod, Electraglide, and VD model power cords you have tried in your system in the same application in which you now use the DCCA power cord? Also, it would be helpful if you would describe the qualities of the DCCA cords that you find better then the other manufacturer's cords.
Greetings Tvad,

Of the ones I mention, I personally have had or do have the Electraglide Mini Khans, the latest Ultra Khans, and the VD Nite II in my personal system. The EGs did not work in my system, as their lack of a ground conductor (as I had to prove to myself with a continuity check), rendered them useless in my system, causing severe buzzing from my speakers. In the one position that the EG worked (my Modwright 999ES' tube power supply) I preferred the REF-1 for its naturalness, fullness and palpability as compared to EG's UK. For the same reasons, and others, I prefer the REF-1 on my McCormack DNA-500 amp over the VD Nite II. On the flipside, I prefer the VD Nite II on my Modwright over the REF-1. It's all about matching.

I know others who have tried, or are trying the DCCA REF-1s against their EGs, Elrods and such, and the REF-1s are holding their own, if not preferred. I don't think anyone can dispute the fact that these fine cable makers are competing against each other in the high-end power cable market. I can strongly, logically and confidently deduce that DCCA's REF-1 can "compete" in this class of outstanding cables based on my observations and other's.

Please note I DIDN'T say "beat" or are "better than" in my statement... That my friend, has to be answered only by you and your system. Synergy is the bottom line for the DCCA and any all the other cables mentioned. There is no "one size fits all" in this hobby. That's why we all "try" different things, hopefully under low risk terms, until we find what works for our systems and our budgets. I have.

I am glad your enjoying the cord, I tolf you Don was making some incredible stuf, and yes, I have used it on my APL, I jut have SO friggin many cords, igt is hard to decide, I geel like 31 flavors,,,heh heh

See ya soon Bon

Grant, you can call me, and we can talk, miss ya too buddy
1markr, thanks for your reply...and for your careful PC dancing around the "better" issue. :)

I guess I should've asked in what respects you find the DCCA cord preferable, not better.

It's always difficult to describe how something may be better in one's own system, and I certainly agree than synergy plays an important role, and trying a cord in one's own system is the only way to know if it's right.

Fullness and palpability aren't words I'd use to describe the Epiphany cord I owned, but naturalness and accuracy describe the Epiphany in my system.

Thanks for your post.
Howard,I have not tried the ref 1, on my player, at
this time.Steve tried it,I am glad you ask.I will
try the ref today, see what happen.I am using the
ref1 with my amp BAT 500.Steve tried it with APL.
Steve,I agree we should get together,Dolfan is coming
it would be nice, to get together.Thank you for
bringing the DCCA, I have been enjoying it, my friend.
Virgo_ref, what is the effective gauge of the PowerWave and Ref 1 Extreme power cords?

Hi TVAD, First thank you for bringing the above to my attention. I don't want to bore people with all the high tech stuff about DCCA Audio's products. I could give you all the details of what is in every cord like that I use multi-stranded high gauge pure copper wire but just let your ears tell you the truth. In the end it comes down to plugging it in and does it sound good ? I build the highest quality products I can using the parts I think sound the best. My goal is to make a product that everyone can afford and wants to keep in their system for a very long time. I use these cords myself and like to be moved by the music everytime I turn on my system. I have put alot of time, energy and hours of listening and research into my cords. Again, let your ears tell you the Truth. Don O.
OK, Don. I really thought my question about gauge was pretty elementary...something most other power cord manufacturers like Shunyata readily publish, but I'll let it go. Thanks for your reply.
OK,TVAD everyone should know what they are getting for the kind of money we are all spending on these products. The new EXTREME REFERENCE (coming out soon) and the REF-1 are using a 6 gauge wire. The new EXTREME PowerWave 2(also coming out soon) is using an 8 gauge wire. The EXTREME PowerWave is using a 10 gauge wire. The shielding I use is an armour cover to elimate virtual all EFI/EMI. I use Furutech connectors, I believe they sound the best. We are a custom cable company and are happy making up something special for our customers needs. Here at DCCA Audio want the customer to be completely satisfied with there product and purchase. Don O. DCCA Audio
PS, there are some other factors to the great sound quality these PC's are producing. I will tell you that there is alot of hard work in the process. I will call this alittle magic. There is alot of magic put into the new EXTREME REFERENCE. The sound is something quite special. Don O. DCCA Audio
Hey Don, thanks for the gauge info. I've found in my system that the size of wire gauge matters in each specific application, therefore your answer provides some useful guidance. I never intended to elicit any fabrication techniques...just size of the wire.

Thanks again.

TVAD, size does matter here! On power amplifiers these REF-1's create a pulse I have never quite experienced pryor to there installation on my BAT VK-500. Transformed this into a totally different beast in a very good way. The BAT came ALIVE. It's like going to a live performance every night in my own listening room. Don O. DCCA Audio
I agree with Don,My BAT500 came alive also.Even my Plinius
SA100,My ODDYSSEY Stratos came alive,the improvement
you hear is huge, thats what I have experience IMS,
and MARKr system.This pc will save you a lot of money,
you will forget upgrading your gear.Thanks