Speaker With Least Room Interaction

What speaker has the least problem with the type of room up have in regard to bass boom.  In other words the least bit of room interaction. Rear bass port, front bass port, bottom bass port, sealed.

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Vandersteen Quatro and up have bottom firing subwoofers with adjustable 11-band bass EQ.

I'd also suggest looking into digital room correction if your your sources are all digital.
Yet another benefit afforded by subs is that, should one elect to employ digital room correction (the DSPeaker Anti-Mode, for instance), the bass portion of the source signal can be digitized without the higher frequencies needing to be. This is easiest to achieve if one runs one set of ic's from the pre-amp to the sub(s), another from the pre to the amp powering the speakers. Not all pre-amps provide dual outputs up to the task, something to consider when choosing one's pre.