speaker with good low level detail

Can anyone give me a recomendation for a full range (or close)speaker with a fairly small footprint that has good low level detail? I will be using this speaker with VTL MB 125 monos and probably a Cary CD running dir to amps. This setup will be for a second system that will mostly be used for background music but I still want a rich,dynamic involving sound. I definately prefer to buy used and looking in the neighborhood of $1000.00.
Audio Physic Spark II might do the trick. A tiny bookshelf speaker that came close to the fabled Virgo II in sound, just less bass. Excels at low level detail, very natural sounding, and dynamic. Can always adda sub later if you feel the need.
I think Triangle Antal 202 or even Celius (a tad over your price) might be your ticket. Easy to drive (92 db) and one of the best values you might find if you are looking for detail, amazing midrange and speed. They have full bass and sound full range on most music.. but not the lowest organ notes-they suposedly only go down to 45/50 Hz. The only criticism on these speakers has been bright treble, (more associated with the version before the 202-which has new tweeters), but with the associated gear you have, that would not be a problem.
Good luck.
Martin Logan Aerius i? 1 ft square footprint, and it's hard to beat a stat for detail. $1,000 should do it.
I play my Totem Arro's at very low levels. ($750 used.) Conrad Johnson MV-55, passive preamp, & Rega Planet CDP. Be sure to try to select tubes which work best at low levels.
Umn - The Totems look good but at 85 db they seem like they would be hard to drive. Would 125 tube watts be enough for higher levels say 80-85 db in a larg room? Mostly they will be used at much lower levels but Im sure I will want to crank em up from time to time.
RAW Acoustics and other designs with FR-125 for as low as $300
Sorry I didn't see your post.
My room size 12 x 22 x 8 high.
I am listening now with my volume only a 1/4 the way open (9 o'oclock.) Measured 65db. My amp is rated 45watts.

My suggestion is to email Totem acoustics or call. See their site. Vince, the owner usually responds. He is very helpful. I found him very quite knowledgable in how associated equipment sounds with his Arro's.
Intuitive Design Summits have astonishing realism, detail, soundstaging and smoothness. More people need to know about these. I HAD been looking for speakers of this caliber all of my adult life. Found 'em, bought 'em, love 'em, and plan to keep 'em.
Oops, I missed the stated price range. These would be off by about a factor of five. My honest mistake, and I apologize for not reading more carefully, and did not mean to distract from the thread.