Speaker wires near AC wires

Due to a room opening between my speakers, I'm running the speaker wires in the floor joist space below and then up to the amp.

The space is clean from other wires except where the speaker wires come back up to the amp. At that point, there are a couple of AC wires about four inches away.

Can I shield the speaker wires somehow...aluminum foil, etc., or not to worry?
Doesn't sound like anything to worry about to me.

Running speaker wires parallel and very close to AC wires would be something to avoid perhaps if at all possible.
I agree with Mapman -- nothing to worry about. Four inches sounds like very reasonable separation, especially where the length of the parallelism is small. Also, the very low impedance levels of an amp/speaker interface, and the fact that there is no subsequent amplification further downstream, both minimize sensitivity to emi (electromagnetic interference).

-- Al
Thanks guys...that's what I was thinking but wanted to make sure.
While on the subject, I'm also running an antenna coax cable to my tuner in the same proximity. Does that pose any potential problems?
No problem with the FM coax. Many FM radios use their line cords as an antenna.