Speaker wires for SF Liuto towers and Smart center

I am awaiting my amp, which is a Mac MC205. I bought the Audioquest GBC speaker cables for my towers and center. I bought them because spec wise it was what I thought was a excellent deal. I called Audioquest and they are according to them have been discontinued for like 10 plus years. I told the rep my set up and he told me the GBCs don't even compare to their basic cable. Did I make a mistake with these cables? If so, what recommendations?
The 'Straight Wire' brand is a sonic match for your SF Liuto speakers. Inexpensive, sounds great as well.
I agree with Jafant on Straight Wire. Also would add Audience and JPS labs
Thanks for your suggestion, will check them out.
Kalbi23, if you have made a non returnable purchase for the Audioquest GBC, then you have nothing to lose by trying them for a while. I doubt they are going to sound horrible. Then after being familiar with the sound you have, post a thread for recommendations where you would like an improvement in the sound. If they are returnable, and you have doubts about the purchase, then just return them.