Speaker wire suggestion w/ Paradigm Studio 100 v3

I am current using a Denon DVD2200 with outlaw pre-amp and amp (200wpc) with outlaw interconnects with my paradigm studio 100's v3. I am currently using analysis plus oval 12 Bi-wire and am looking to upgrade to get more refined, detailed, open, sweet highs without adding any harshness or brightness to my system. Any recommendations? I've briefly looked into nordost, tara labs, audioquest, and transparent cables. I would like my speakers to perform optimally. Any suggestions? Most audio stores around me will not allow me to test them at home.
Reality Cables
Grover Huffman
Morrow Audio

Most have trial periods.
Anti cable
Try Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerators from usedcables.com. I have them biwired on all my Paradigm Signature speaker system. If they are bi-wireable I would do that. There should be several pairs on audiogon for sale. Look on the synergisticresearch.com site to see the description and on the "Active sheilding" technology.... I would try them first. Usedcables will let you audition them first before you buy. They will bring out all your speakers dynamics, detail, bass, smooth midrange, crisp highs and your soundstage will open immensely...And they have active sheilding.....Good luck!!!!

With the Paradigm,I would suggest the MIT/Transparent route.
Thanks for all the helpful feedback. It was greatly appreciated :)
Oval 12 is better than your speakers.
I'm with Schubert on this. The cables are far from your weakest link. I mean, cables will probably change the sound, but they aren't going to turn those components into "refined, detailed, open and sweet". Pick up a Doge6 CD player from Pacific Valve and then you'll sit there with your mouth open. Refined, detailed and sweet. Just like you like. About 2K. Not much more (if any more)than some decent hi-end cables. Less than most. IMO, of course. And 30 days money back if you don't agree.
I agree with the other posters, your cables are a good match to these speakers.You may want to look at upgrading the amp, IMO.
I've got studio 20's v5. I had a denon dvd 2900 and sold it for$75, put $75 with it and boughta musical fidelity a3.2 cd player. It gave me what you are looking for in terms of sound. I'd upgrade the cd player. I think you need to be a little careful with the components you pair up with these speakers, otherwise theycan sound bright and a little harsh.