speaker wire/interconnects for JL F113

Just looking to see what IC cables/ speaker wires people are using. Also, if they have changed cables along the way and differences from these cables. I have heard that the silver cables will change a sub sound as example
Running Mogami Star-Quad in balanced configuration. Sounds great to me...
Erictye...The only way to know the difference any cable makes is to try it in your own system. I personally like to have a cable with no personality of its own and use Anti-Cables which are very inexpensive and very good. If you go to Audioasylum or Audiogon's classified ads, you can get used cable which work just fine.
I run an XLR terminated Synergistic Research Tesla Subwoofer 1 LE cable on my JL F112 subwoofer. It literally sings compared to the other cables I tried.
I use a Nordost baseline built to Rel spec for my Rel B3. Compared to the stock cable the difference was HUGE. Better attack - Decay I never knew existed - deeper tones and most important it made the Rel 'blend in' perfectly.

That being said I use the high level input (direct from the speaker outputs from my integrated). I'm sure a decent quality cables whether ic's or speaker cable should sound good.