Speaker wire, help my laid back sound??

Currently running the following:
Sony XA777ES SACD through
Harmonic Tech Truth link to:
Sim Audio P3
Harmonic Tech Pro Silaway II/balanced to:
Sim Audio W5
via Goertz MI2 Veracity Bi-Wired, 27 feet to
Paradigm Reference 100's (these speakers will be changed in a year or two)
I just bought a 30 run run of HT Pro Silaway/balanced and will now need speaker wire, my system is way to laid back, any suggestions, I was thinking AZ Satori shotgun or HT Pro Plus 9 bi-wire, but looking for some advice?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks
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acrotec,xlo,monsterwire...all are lively and dynamic.
Can you try the HT speaker wire first? I'm thinking synergy because of your HT pro IC. I use the satori speaker wire but my amp is the sim4070SE, not the moon. You could try a good power cord on the Sim after the speaker wires are decided. My 4070se really came aive with a virtual dynamics audition PC direct into the wall. Did Simaudio carry the Harmonic tech line at one time? You could also check with them. They might suggest the HT. Just a thought. Good luck.
I respectfully disagree with JRD351's asessment of the Monster Cable sound.I find it to be softer and more laid back than what your currently using.For an upfront sonic presentation my recomendations would be cables from Straight Wire,and definately Nordost.Others may disagree, and have their choices.But from someone who prefers the laid back sound these would be my choices.
JPS Labs might wake up your system but I would look at your PC's first.
Gosh, looking at your equipment list I'm thinking that your sound shouldn't be so laid back. Musical yes, but not lifeless.

In what way is your system too laid back? Small, distant soundstage? Lack of punch, dynamics? Rolled off top end or bass? Recessed midrange, i.e. vocals, solo instrumentals? Does it lack PRaT?

Could it be that your room is on the "dead" side? Maybe you need MORE reflective surfaces? Or are the long runs of cable restricting your signal through put?

What's the tonal balance of your system and are there areas you'd like to improve?
I think Gunbei's on point. If your looking for something other than a very subtle change, cabling should not be your first choice - get an equalizer or get rid of the component causing your problem. :-) Changes in cabling can effect tonal issues, such as bright or rolled off, but optimally it should be used just allow your componets to be heard at their best - it will rarely change a system's basic presentation, such as forward or recessed.

FWIW sources, preamps, amps and speakers, individually or collectively can produce an "up front" or very "laid back" presentation" and if changing the presentation is your goal your should consider an equipment change. Less frustrating and cheaper in the long run.
Hello, thanks for all you responses so far. To answers some of Gunbei questions: By "laid back" I'm referring specifically to a lack of punch, dynamics and a slightly recessed mid-range. I'm not sure if I need more reflective surfaces, the entire wall behind my speakers is glass. I've always felt the culprit was the long run of speaker wires and going with a long run of balanced interconnects and improving my speaker wire would fix a lot of this problem. Here's another question: I'm looking at spending another $2000 for good speaker wire and a stand that will accomodate my TV and amp and meet with the approval of my wife. Am I better off sticking with the long run of Goertz and spending the money elsewhere??
Hey Steve,

I don't have any experience with the Goertz MI2, but have read good things about it. Unless you go to a drastically different type of cable such as one composed of silver I think Newbee is right and you may not get the big, positive change you're hoping for by changing to a more expensive speaker cable.

In my experience gear such as speakers, preamps and amps have made the kind of changes you're hoping for. I just finished comparing five preamps, and it was amazing how different they sounded both in character and dynamics. One tube preamp sounded small and distant, while another tube amp sounded big, bold and in-your-face.

That being said, I still suspect the long runs of speaker cable might be part of the problem.

How big is your room? I'd think the Simaudio W5 would be able to power the Reference 100s quite well, unless the room was gigantic.
Hi Gunbei
My room is 18'long X 15.5' wide X 9'high, my speakers are on the long axis. Keep in mind also the room is completely open on the wide axis at one end. Thanks for all your advice thus far.
Gotta agree with Gunbei. I owned the 100s and would never describe them as you have.

Good luck-

Hmmm, the room doesn't seem overly large. It could be the surrounding furniture, rugs, bookcases, etc... deadening the sound.

My guess is the open space on the side may be sucking the sound out. That and/or the long cable lengths. I suspect it's an acoustic phenomena.

We need to have Rives chime in.
My first thought was the Harm Tech was laid back, I think the Alpha Core is lively.

My Harm Tech comment is based on having owned Acoustic Zen and having read they have very similar sound as both were designed by Robert Lee.
I had owned the Harmonic Tech ic's for about a year and was experiencing the same lack of punch and dynamics.
Went to Ridge Street Midnight Silvers and the whole system changed for the better.
In a bright system the HT's are great
Unlike some of the posters here, I'm a firm convert as to what good cabling-which includes power cords-can do in re: to really improving the musical presentation.
I'm going to move some furniture around this weekend and see if it makes a difference. As for Philojet comments, what cables would you consider to liven up a stereo's presentation other than the AC MI2 and do think the 27.5 feet length might deaden the liveless of the Goertz wire.
I agree Greh, as I mentioned earlier probably the only way a cable change would make that much of a difference is if Steve changes to a silver cable. It seems it worked for you.

I just think it's better to make sure that there are no acoustic issues before dropping another $2000 on cables.
All you suggestions are excellent and much appreciated, I'm going to see what I can do about the room acoustics, and from there if necessary demo some silver cables, Greh, I'm not familiar with Ridge Street M S's, do they have a web site, I don't think they have a dealer where I'm from??
Once you choose your speaker wire go back and look at that long interconnect. My experience has shown that the longer the IC the more laid back the sound gets. One remedy to limit this effect is to make sure the cable is off the floor by using some kind of cable lifter. I use ceramic tile quarter rounds cut to size and put under the cable, spaced such that the cable is kept off the floor.
I wish I had seen this sooner. I believe your problem is the XA777ES. I had this unit on loan and, in redbook mode, it was extremely lifeless with restricted dynamics. SACD mode was better, but still dark sounding. The long ICs will exacerbate the problem.
If one is skeptical about the effect of speaker wire...I always recommend NORDOST...not for everyone...but definitely has the qualities you are looking for...and yes...the cheaper NORDOST is very good..look for FLATLINE...