Speaker wire for WATT 3 Tiny Tots

I've just received a pair of WATT 3 Tiny Tots and looking for recommendations on appropriate speaker wire. Length 4 foot.

Supporting amp is a Pass Labs Aleph 2 Monos kept close to speakers.

Wilson recommends Transparent speaker cables.
Wow! Please don't just try 1 brand on those speakers. Many speaker cable company's would qualify. IT really depends on if your ears find the system too Bright or Too Dark then you choose cables based on what you want to achieve. So a little more info on your part Penthis, would allow me to make proper recommendations.

As Mattmiller stated, many try to adjust the sound by using different cables, however, when using Wilson speakers, I must agree with Brf. AFAIK, for at least 20 years, Wilson has always used Transparent Audio cables with their speakers at the shows, and for the internal wiring of the speakers. Obviously, Wilson must think the synergy between the two is perfect. So, it just makes good common sense to use Transparent Audio speaker cables with Wilson speakers. You can always change other parts of the system to alter the character of the sound.

And, I have no affiliation with Transparent Audio.