Speaker Wire For Dynaudio

Best choice for Dynaudio Contour 3.3's and Levinson amp.
I have a pair of 3.0's and I went with Tara RSC Air/1. Good tonal balance, tuneful and tight bass, a georgeous midrange and an extended upper end. These, of course, are characteristics of the speakers -- which the cables should help us access. Amp is an Aragon 8008BB. I compared them with Cardas Neutral Reference (it was close!) and Audioquest Caldera -- cables on loan from The Cable Company.
I've tried JPS Superconductors, Transparent Super and Ultras (highly overrated IMHO), NBS Monitor IV's, Nordost SPM Reference and finally NBS Monitor IIIs, I kept the Monitor III's. Very neutral and detailed. My Contour 3.3's sound great. It's amazing what the "right" speaker cable can do for these speakers. Remember, try before you buy!
I have heard that the dynaudio's have a direct input connector for sumiko OCOS cables. Those are coax type cables that usually need adapter's to connect from the coax endpoint to spade or bananas found on speakers. You can plug the OCOS coax type connector directly into some dynaudio models. (Check yours) You might try some ocos, since dynaudio does use them for shows sometimes.