Speaker wire for DNA .5 and Hales Rev 3

I am using a Rega Planet > Audiotruth Opal> Conrad Johnson PV11 > Audiotruth Opal > McCormack DNA.5 > Audioquest Midnight>Hales Revelation 3. I am looking for anyone who has used the Hales R3's especially in conjunction with McCormack Amps.... Need some leads on good quality speaker cables... HELP!!!! Thanks, all. Joe
I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but Hales are wired with Cardas. I have a pair of Rev Twos, and am using Cardas QuadLink with them to great effect. Check out Cardas' site at www.cardas.com - Even if you don't buy, it is a very interesting site, especially the speaker placement article. Good luck
I have a DNA-1 Deluxe with the Rev 3's and the new MIT High End Series Shotgun cables work very well.Detail ,air, smooth highs, better bass great soundstage.A pair of modest Kimber 4TC's sounded anemic and with a flat soundstage in comparison.I also use Shotgun interconnects btween my Cal Alpha dac and Audible Illusions M3A and to the amp.I also use MIT balanced reference cable btwn.dac and transport.Used cable is the only affordable way to go.
CARDAS CROSS are my favorite
i use nordost red dawn for the hales rev 3 to a aragon 8008bb.i think there the best from xlo vampire or mit which i have tried before th dealer let me try the spm but they are to expensive but if you have the money by all means