Speaker wire for be-718

Recommendations for wire for this speaker. My amp has dual binding posts for each channel, so I have maximum flexibility. I'm unsure of best approach, single cable/jumper, single cable/bi-wire, two cable/bi-wire. My amp is SS/350w per channel. Thanks in advance.
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After using the Grover for several years, then major system changes, I'm really liking Anti-Cables. They really opened up the sound... "night&day".
I have rw729's and tried single wire with jumper and mit bi wire;I thought they were just about the same but the bass using the biwire was a little bit tighter;my amps are jeff roland model 6 mono's,the single wire was tara rsc first generation,the jumpers were from my dunlavy scIII's.
Sorry for being "late" to the party, I'm going with Grover Huffman.
start with 12 gauge speaker wire from home depot. Use that as a base as you try multi hundred dollar solutions....which will color the sound.

I am sure you will wind up with $1000 cables, but while the sound may be different, it may not actually be better.