speaker wire, digital, and interconnect

I need all the wire any suggestions?
I tend to like warm

b&k 442 (200watt dualmono)
b&k ref10 (surround/pre)
jmlab 815
panasonic dvd
rega 2 with no phono stage to plug into
Acoustic Zen Mc2 (digital), Acoustic Zen, Harmonic Technology and/or Cardas Golden Reference interconnects, Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables or JPS Superconductor 2.
I have gradually been moving to all Analysis plus and love it. I use Oval 9 and Oval 12 bi-wired for the speakers, Digital Oval and am now gradually replacing interconnects and power cords. These products are phenomenal and produce great synergy.
Glenn- I guess ic suggestions for the rega are superflous until you get a phono stage. Lehman Black Cube is well regarded on a cost/performance basis.