Speaker volume pots

Sometime ago Messrs Mcfarland, M297904, and Palasr provided helpful advice how to repair the stuck volume pots of my powered monitors, here's the original thread - thank you, gentlemen.

Did get a chance to do as they suggested, cleaned them up but unfortunately pots remained stuck. As M297904 hinted, it may be past the point of repair.

Here are closeup shots of one of the pots.

I'm not familiar with this part. The markings probably represent the value. Is this something I could easily buy and replace the pots altogether, especially the size and type that fits the monitors? I can solder them myself.

Any helpful suggestion or recommendation would be greatly appreciated, as well as where to purchase replacements if indeed I can't repair them anymore. Thanks in advance.
replace it with a 220K audio taper pot. Don't waste your time fiddling with it, just replace it. Don't worry about getting an exact cosmetic lookalike, its not important. (you can reuse the resistors soldered to it.
Thanks, Jckonicek. Fixed it.