Speaker upgrades and repair.

I'm looking for someone or company that I can send my speakers(Snells) to to install new surrounds on the woofer and upgrade the capcitors,wiring and binding post.
Check with some of your local dealers where to send them. That has worked for me.
I sent my A2 woofers directly back to Snell. They outsource the reconing, but they make sure it is done to spec and meets their quality standards. It was a little extra peace of mind for me. As it turns out, Snell sent one woofer back to the shop to be redone before they returned them to me because it didn't meet Snell's standards. I received the woofers back, I reinstalled them, and the results were great. It wasn't cheap, but I felt it was worth doing it the "right" way, and I was pleased in the end.
As you are located in Indiana, here is a Chicago area speaker shop that specializes in repairing / rebuilding / upgrading. Van L Speakerworks - http://www.vanlspeakerworks.com/
I highly recommend Millersound outside of Philly.
Call Bill Legall (215-412-7700), he will not only repair your speakers, he can make it much better.
Good Luck
Give Bill at Millersound a call about repairing your spakers. Ph#215-412-7700
yes .. Bill at Millersound . Ph#215-412-7700-- we use them here in philly and millersound is a very good source ...

I would second Bob's suggestion of using John at Van L Speakerworks ( also known as Chicago Speakerworks ). This is especially true if you are within driving distance. John is not only very reasonable in price, he is the most down to earth audio salesperson that i have ever dealt with and offers a "no bullshit" approach to doing business. If you end up contacting him, ask him how my other set of Ohm F's are coming along : ) Sean