Speaker upgrade to go with new Arcam AVR 600?

I am in the process of upgrading my home theater. Replaced my Onkyo 605 with the Arcam AVR 600. Have Paradigm V5 monitors right now,pair of titans,cc 290,and a pair of mini monitors that I use as surrounds. I want to do floorstanders this time. I am mainly a tv/blu ray watcher,do some videogaming on my PS3. Very little listening to music.I have no problem at all purchasing used speakers.Just trying to get an idea what I should go and take a listen to.
you don't specify a budget, but your avr retails for five grand, so i'm assuming you want something comparably priced. for ht and tv, i'd want to listen to the following, among others:
definitive mythos
psb synchrony (great)
psb imagine (almost as good)
canton vento
martin logan (source package--check out audio advosor)
mirage omd
Check out QUAD 22L2 speakers.
These may outclass your receiver but they have become very affordable and they are still serviceable if need be. Finding a few more pairs might might take a few months though. Even today there are only a handful of speakers that share their abilities.
It can work perfectly with some totem speakers, they sound great using DTS and dolby digital soundtracks.
The dealer that sells ARCAM in Portland Area recommends Dynaudio Focus or Contour... Please let us know what you end up with...
Its funny you mention Dynaudio. I just went and listened to the Focus line, the 220 and 220C. They sounded great.