Speaker upgrade suggestions

Hello all
I am thinking of upgrading my speakers. My system as of now is a Forte 4 power amp, Forte model 2 preamp, Arcam diva cd192, audioquest jag interconnects, audioquest GR8 speaker wire, and B&W 602 s3 speakers on nice metal stands with a B&W 600 sub. The system sounds good, no question, but... I want more. My opinion is the speakers are the weak link. But I'm not sure, any suggestions or comments?
Thanks, Mcgarick
You want more... more what? I'm not especially partial to the B&Ws you have, but that's my taste not yours. I could say that I liked the Triangle Titus ES better because it had a much livelier sound and a great image, but maybe that's not what you're missing.

I have found that acoustic treatments and AC isolation have helped both my systems a lot. Maybe those would be things to consider.
What is your price range? I think that the 700 series of the B&W's are a huge step up in sonics from the 600 series speakers. However, they are revealing and if your electronics are on the bright side, I would choose a different path than the 700 series.
The 770 are reavaling or is that your way of saying they are bright.
In response to these comments, I guess I'm looking for more musicality, and a tight lively mid bass, not bloated or over emphasized but a (big boogie groove factor). Maybe a modest floorstander. At the Audio store where I bought the 602's , I did compare them with the 700's and thought the difference to be small in overall quality. I dont want to spend more than $1000 new or used. My forte gear has been sent to Jon Soderburg for upgrade/updates, so I will wait and see what changes that makes before I make a purchase. Thanks for the commments.
Magnepans are great for midrange and midbass, strings so lively you HAVE to air guitar to them and vocals really fly. And you already have a sub so that takes care of the maggies' slightly weaker bottom-end bass if you need it. I use a pair of 15 year old maggies with no sub and they sound great, but I wish I had a sub for when I was watching movies or listening to deep dance music or hip hop, with a lot of very low, loud sounds. The maggies are also wicked detailed, and resolve noticeably more detail than even my grado headphones. They go for $950 new. on audioreview it has a 4.83 out of five from 42 reviews, I'd trust that: http://www.audioreview.com/cat/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/magnepan/PRD_120037_1594crx.aspx

They are also great from a design prespective, they really don't overpower the room and they look very sleek in a home theater setup, you can get them in a variety of finishes as well.
Audio Physic Yara used in the sub $1,000 slim modest floorstanders is a very good choice that will blow away your beewee. They can rock solid if needed and have a big neutral sound. Bohlender Radia Z7 are said to be in the same league and much cheaper (less channel added costs), about $500 used.
Thanks for everybody's input.
Madmax, I would love to get a pair of Magnepan's, but my room is really not good for them. If I move to a bigger place I will try a pair for sure. I have never heard anyone say anything bad about them, except that their maybe too big.
I did however pick up a pair of a/d/s/ M-12 towers and I must say they are most impressive,
I cannot find a single thing to criticize there sound. I think these will be with me awhile ;^]
I might try and pick up some more ads to try, if I don't want them I think they will be easy to sell.

I also picked up a pair of Polk Lsi9's that are great.
The a/d/s/ m12 sound is more balanced though.
Both are real good.
Thanks for your replies.
The DCM TFE200's are really good speakers...how good? Look on their web site and click on NEWS and see what David A. Rich of Sensible Sound Magazine had to say about them. David said he liked them better than any speaker that he has reviewed..one of the better speakers that he has reviewed is the NHT XD System...$$$6000 The DCM TFE200's cost only $1000 a pair and you can find them for $800 or lower www.dcmspeakers.com
Hifisoundguy, I have seen MANY pairs of Timeframes in the Seattle area craigslist for as low as $150 per pair in very good condition.
I know people love them. They are big though like my a/d/s but nowhere near sexy as the a/d/s
I have read people say that the later eighties models are the ones to get.
Mcgarick....I think these all new TFE200's are the best that DCM has ever made. I think the Sensible Sound review is spot on..."THE SPEAKER'S TONALITY REMINDS YOU OF WHAT ONE HEARS...FROM $$,$$$ 5 FIGURE SPEAKERS TARGETED AT AUDIOPHILES"..... I am not connected with this company in any way.
Go to audiocircle.com. There is a poster there with a pair and with a copy of the Sensible Sound review. Apparently the review is being misquoted. The reviewer never said they were the best, only that they go lower than any speaker he had in his room. The poster really likes the speakers though his comments about the mid-range being dry are a red flag for me, personally.
These speakers did sound a little cold with the nickel-plated jumper cables that came with the speakers and the steel grille if left on while listening to music. These speakers sound amazing when you use better jumper cables and take that steel grille off when listening to music....you need a 3/16"Allen wrench to take off the steel grille. These speakers are going to sound different in different rooms and how much room treatment your using. Everybody has different tastes so these speakers are not going to please everyone but I just love mine......