Speaker Upgrade Suggestion

I'm in the process of evaluating a speaker upgrade to my system. System config is: Blue Circle 21.1 preamp, Outlaw 950 pre/pro (for HT and multi-channel music), Marantz DV 8300 uni-player, Rotel RCD 1070 cdp, Anthem MCA 20 (l/r mains) and MCA 30 (center and surrounds)with Kimber PBJ interconnects. Current speakers are Monitor Audio Silver S10's (mains), S2's (surrounds) and LCR (center) with SVS sub. I am finding myself listening in 2 channel mode more and more. I am considering adding a seperate DAC (Musical Fidelity A3.24 or Bel Canto) and upgrading my mains. The budget for the mains is $4,000. I like a crisp, tight, detailed and open sound with tight bass. I've listened to the following speakers: Thiel 2.4 and 3.6 (too dark), B&W N803 and N804 (kinda crackly, 804 seemed better than 803), Magnepan 1.6 (nice sound, lacked detail), Klipsch RF-7 (great detail but cold).

My MA's are good sounding but I'm thinking there's a more "musical" product out there.

Suggestions wanted please.
The description of what you would like sounds alot like the Thiel 2.4s. Are you sure that these were properly broken-in, set-up, and system matched when you listened to them? If they sounded dark, then perhaps a change in the CD player or amplifier would remedy the situation. I think that out of the speakers you listened to, the Thiels outclass the rest. You might also want to listen to Avalon, although I think the Thiels are a better value for the money.

There is a pair Von Schweikert VR4 SE's available on Audiogon for $4000 which will blow away all the speakers on your list. The VR4's have all the attributes you desire and are a steal at their $6000 retail price. I have no connection with the seller of the listed VR4's, just passing along an opportunity.
I think that if given the correct amount of power, you'll find the N803's will probably surpass the N804's. Just a guess, however. My suggestion is a little lower than your specified price, but I wouldn't be hesitant to look at the Paradigm line. Either the Studio 60 or the Studio 100. Both will perfrom very well with the anthem gear. Plus, you'll have more money left over for other parts of your system.
I think you might like the Maggie 3.6, It's brighter than the 1.6. Also, I'd bet you'd like something in the JM Labs line.
Hi Beatelbum ...I had the same experience with the Magnepans when I first listened at a dealer showroom. I thought they were lacking in detail. But theres a difference in true inner detail and detail.I was accustomed to listening to speakers that have 1 inch tweeters.There's a slight beamy effect that gives you a false sense of detail in some box speakers IMHO.The highs jump out at you and aren't quite as seamless as the lower freqs. That being said I would still consider a Planar or Electrostat speaker.Make sure they aren't powered by recievers and by something with more current if you audition them.

$4000.00 can buy you a great used pair of planars or electrostats.Like the Innersounds ,Magnepans,Martin Logans,Quads,and I'am sure there's some I missed.Most can only be enjoyed by one person but there's less interaction with the room..since you have a wall of sound beamed directly at you. I call it the headphone effect. I haven't heard a box speaker that competes with these mentioned in speed,inner detail,and the sense of the venue.Regardless of the price.

I don't know how some of these would fit in with the HT.But with that SVS sub taking care of the subterranean freqs while watching movies.I don't see it as a problem.

Good Luck!
Revels will give you the clarity you love in the thiels with fuller soundstage.
Check out the VMPS RM 40's. They have alot of raves about them at AA and Audiocircle.com. Also won BEST of CES in 2002. They are incredible for the money. There's a dealer in Wash DC with both Von Scheikert and VMPS. Most people buy the VMPS and they're cheaper. The sound is excellent from bass through treble. Soundstage is awesome, period. A used pair can be had here for less than 4K with all the options. You'll be doing yourself a disservice if you don't go hear these.
Tvad: I will try to audition the Von Schweikert's in my area (Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland).

Rtn1: I don't know about he 2.4's break-in. The electronics were Rotel RSP-1066 pre/pro and Rotel RMB 1075 amp. These speakers seemed to throw a very low image thus sounding very muddled without detail I like. I'll audtition again with better equipment.

Gmood1 and Nighthawk: I've heard and read alot of good things about both the 1.6 and 3.6's. I'll definately listen again with better equipment.

Warnerwh and Ksales: I have not listened to either the VMPS' or the Revels yet.

I have my MA's placed about 33" from front wall and 19" from the side walls. Will the speakers we are all talkin' about work within these dimensions give or take a few inches?

Thanks to all who have responded so far.
The Klipsch RF-7's are very fine speakers, great detail, absolutely stunning sound. Big open sound. Not cold at all, heck what did you have connected to it? I've been very impressed with my RF-7 Klipsch speakers! Very satisfying and leaves me with wanting no other speaker.
you described Von Schweikert VR4 jr's...