Speaker Upgrade Recommendation for Current Analog System - under $10,000 Budget

Music lovers/audiophiles, looking for input.
Considering a speaker upgrade to full range, floorstanders. Current analog system setup - recent full upgrade to Jolida JD 202 intergated amp. (40 watts), VPI Scout w JM 9 arm, Benz Mirco L2 cart, Tyler Acoustic Reference Monitors, ACI Force sub, Jolida JD 100 CD player. Have enjoyed current system for 15+ yrs. COVID and my location presents a challenge to auditioning. Based on articles and reviews narrowed considerartion to Salk Songbird3 BeAT, GoldenEar Triton One.R, Nola Contender S3. Refined to GoldenEar and Nola speakers. Seems GoldenEar may be the easiest for place in room. Reviews show them to share simular sound signature. Alternative option: switch out ACI Force for two Rythmik F12G subs, upgrade phono pre-amp and call it a day.
Listening room - 12' X 30' (configuration - odd shaped third floor (main room has window well, with narrow 6 ft. hallway to steps w/ separate room by steps). Favorite genries: Jazz and R&B, however, love music (1500 LP's). Probably last system change, looking at retirement with more time to enjoy my music. Appreciate the input.              
"Notice you never, ever see anyone complimenting their Wilson monstrosity being called a fanboy."

Interesting observation. Come to think of it, I have never read a Wilson enthusiastically complimented by the owner with the hyperbolae that seem reserved for lesser bunch.

It simply is not done!

I have read a number of them about Magico, though.

"Wilson monstrosity"

Looking at the picture of Wilson Duette 2 and Tekton Moab, one can only notice that love is blind.

(Wilson is about 50cm tall, Moab is 175cm)

I hesitated to jump in as you've received many great suggestions.

Tektons https://tektondesign.com/products/loudspeakers/flagship/ are interesting and you'll find some good YouTube reviews. I was sorely tempted to purchase the "Double Impact". At less than $3,200 delivered and satisfied reviews aplenty, worth a look. 

I opted for the Revel F228Be (at $5,500) and loved them but they lacked (what I call "information"). At higher listening levels, they are great and the front bass port makes placement very easy. After about a year of owning the Revel F228Bes I upgraded to the F328Be and wow, what a game changer. With three 8" aluminum cone woofers and 2 ports on the back, the placement / versatility is fun and slight movement / measurement adjustments tune the room well. The bass is clean, crisp in response, and in sum zero regrets. They retail $16K but I found a dealer (I've purchased a lot of equip from this dealer) who discounted them to just under $10K. Love them and they are the "last" speakers I'll own (maybe :-) as I too am enjoying semi-retirement. 

Additionally, had a set of custom length cables made from BlueJean and they are very good without breaking the bank. I A-B tested them with homemade 12 gauge wires, $4000 AudioQuest's and the Blue Jean do a fantastic job. Measurements galore (I'll spare you), the tiny difference between AQ and BlueJean was not worth it to me. https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/speaker/index.htm

Best of luck!
Here's where I am. Taking MOFOJO's recommendation and considering purchase of a Bob Carver Crimson 275 amp and VTP-10 Octave LP-1R pre. Speaker tpo choices - LSA 20 Statement (bang for the buck by most reviews), Nola Contender S3 (initial first choice, easy to posiiton) and Legacy Signature SE (excellant ratings, not fussy to position). 
  Which of the three will provide detailed bass response, incredible dynamics, smooth detailed treble, neutral midrange, good imaging & soundstaging and be true to the source material?
  I've got approx. 1500 LP's - jazz, 70-80's R&B, Blues. sizable no. of CD's and 1Mii B06 wireless Audio adapter for bluetooth sources.   
Ellington hifi has 2 used Octave int.amps  for sale for half price. Very good sounding and balls for days for a tube integrated. Take a look at their website. They pair very good with Dynaudio and you could find some really nice Dyns used for the other 5-6 k. 
 This would open up speaker options quite a bit for now and down the road. 
Obviously just suggestions to look into. Lots of others. 
10 grand budget  and Tekton is suggested lol.....get real...maybe if we were talking budget for a garage or a second bedroom system