Speaker Upgrade Recommendation for Current Analog System - under $10,000 Budget

Music lovers/audiophiles, looking for input.
Considering a speaker upgrade to full range, floorstanders. Current analog system setup - recent full upgrade to Jolida JD 202 intergated amp. (40 watts), VPI Scout w JM 9 arm, Benz Mirco L2 cart, Tyler Acoustic Reference Monitors, ACI Force sub, Jolida JD 100 CD player. Have enjoyed current system for 15+ yrs. COVID and my location presents a challenge to auditioning. Based on articles and reviews narrowed considerartion to Salk Songbird3 BeAT, GoldenEar Triton One.R, Nola Contender S3. Refined to GoldenEar and Nola speakers. Seems GoldenEar may be the easiest for place in room. Reviews show them to share simular sound signature. Alternative option: switch out ACI Force for two Rythmik F12G subs, upgrade phono pre-amp and call it a day.
Listening room - 12' X 30' (configuration - odd shaped third floor (main room has window well, with narrow 6 ft. hallway to steps w/ separate room by steps). Favorite genries: Jazz and R&B, however, love music (1500 LP's). Probably last system change, looking at retirement with more time to enjoy my music. Appreciate the input.              
Tekton Double Impacts ($3K including shipping) or the next model up in the line! Best bang for the buck!
The Salks look like a good choice with Song Tower / Tower II as an option.
Tower / 88db / 6 ohm Nominal load / T-Line - hard to beat.
Tower II / 89 db @ 4 ohm ... IMO the M-T-M would be superior.
The Tekton Moab's ($4500 including shipping) would be even better than the DI's! There are a lot of enthusiastic posts about them here in the Speakers category. If I had more room (and fewer speakers!) I'd probably buy a pair!
Legacy Audio. Relatively efficient, sound great with tubes.

Do not buy GoldenEar without an audition. Some folks like them, others not so much.
Thanks to all, as you see don't use site to post often. Normally just read discusions & reviews to stay oin top of things (Audiogon'ers rock). Not looking for wall thumbing bass; detail, acurracy, CJ CD, Sony DVD). Many of the suggestions seem to focus on music & video based speakers. Looking exclusively for 2 channel music, got separate system in family room for HT (Anthem MRX 520, AE Aegis 1,3, center and sub, Pioneer 55 HD TV). I'm an old school, if its good stay with it. Leaning now towards Nola Contender S3 and LSA 20 Statements & Signatures. Anyone heard Raven CeLest speaker?        
Vandersteen Treos great sounding speakers and beautiful woods to chose from 

Enjoy the Music 
With 40W I would take a serious look at Fyne speakers--see which model fits your budget.
I've had a pair of Goldenear Triton Ones (no R) for over a year now. Very impressed. Previously I was running Acoustats. They can handle any kind of music and sound beautiful. I got mine used for a reasonable price- you might keep an eye out. Glad to answer specific questions.
I use Triton Reference. They really perform. Good choice for you with 40 watts. You won't need the subs. 
"Do not buy GoldenEar without an audition. Some folks like them, others not so much."
Do not buy GoldenEar without an audition. Some folks like them, others not so much



for a useful recommendation you should disclose how you feel your system sounds now, and what you would like to improve - be as specific as possible

It sounds like you'll need to go on a shopping trip out of town (or State?) to find what you want. Lots of air in your room, so open baffle speakers would work well--maybe Spatial?--and Tannoys would hold up well in the space.
Go with a good quality vintage american speaker made prior to 1979 you will not want for upgrading after that and 5000 or less will get you a real show stopper.
Tannoy legacy Ardens for that size room. You will not be disappointed. Hands down The Best for the money you are looking to spend, under 10k. They are 4k each, so 8k for the pair, under budget and gorgeous sound And looks. My Eatons are the 10" stand mount babies ($2750 each), but boy what a sound...a Destination speaker, why futz around, buy the best! Each pair of Tannoys is hand built by one person at the Coatbridge Scotland factory. One of the Oldest speaker manufacturers in the world, now 95 years....
Monitor audio gold 300 generation 5 or platinum 200 generation 2 which is a little bit more there about 12,000 but both are very warm neutral sounding speakers.
Vintage American speaker are you kidding me? That's really old technology give your head a shake LOL
On that ‘Old tech’ Vintage American line...
I’ve late model IRS Betas Refurbished
With insane accurate power... it’ll shake more than most heads. Technology has advanced most but lets not be silly, great then is....great now. 

And another sad observation $45,000
in the late 80’s bought you a pair of 
IRS V’s....today $12,000 buys you made in China what....? OK we’re talking 4 Time’s the difference in dollars, but realistically 10 times the sound difference ! The devalued power of the dollar...sad
OP — I’ve owned a pair of NOLA Contender 2s for 5 years.  Really lovely speaker.  Happy to discuss my experience, compared to owning Vandy Treo CTs, NOLA KOs, Harbeth 30.2s, Wilson Audio Sabrinas, and recently, DAWs.  Don’t know the Golden Ears sound, but Sandy Gross is a good friend of my neighbor.  If you are near Maryland, consider borrowing my NOLAs for a few weeks.  And I’d give you a great deal on either my NOLA KOs or Contenders.  
Fyne, Focal and Boenicke are also worth trying. See what you like.

With Fyne I would try F502SP or F702.
With Focal either the Kanta 2 or Kanta 3.
With Boenicke the W8.
You can pick up a pair of used Vandersteen model 5As for way under $10K and build around them. That is where I would look. IMO most of the recommended speakers mentioned above are not there with the 5As. My experience comes from listening to so many speakers in many audio clubs, dealers, audio shows (I am a manufacturer), etc. I am not a huge Vandersteen fan boy or anything but they do so much correct plus having a build in adjustable sub helps with room interactions.

Happy Listening.
JRW1971- I live on Salisbury, Maryland Eastern Shore. Thank you for the input and audition offer. May be in touch. I'm leaning heavily towards the Nola Contender S3. Found a dealer who will sell me a new pair for $5500 ($6900 list) shipped from factory. Once I find out return/audiiton policy for Contenders that may be my move. Second place at this point are LSA 20 Statements, they have 30-day audiiton policy ( 10% restocking +shipping cost). Outside consideration Raven CeLest. 
Thanks to all fellow Audiogon'ers for your insights and input. Learned alot of new brands I never heard of before. Learned I can get excellant speakers under $7000 and save "mad money" for a new pre-phono amp. Prior to COVID, I visited high-end audio stores across the country when on the road for my job. Listening sessions were my past-time when I had free moments. Missed thoughs days.
Still open to suggestions, probably looking to stay under $7000 thanks to the suggestions provided.             
We are a golden ear dealet the triton 1ts area phenominal set of speakers and an incedibile bargain

The 1rs are a gigantic leap over the original tritons they have outstanding bass and fill up a big room 

A huge soundstage and good clarity makes the triton 1rs the best buy in your price range

They can be driven by an inexpensive amp but will really shine with better gear

We have a perfect trade in amp a prima luna dialogue hp with  kt150 tubes 

The combo sounds amazing

And we can work with you

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj
Golden ear dealers

Before you run...... 

 1.Buy a pair of PSB 800 or 800i.....

2.  Also buy the 300 bookshelves.

3. Total cost...maybe $350.00

Keep these in your closet.

4. Run a nearfield serup with the 300s into your room away from everything.
This setup is portable and will bring you immense joy. You will have 2 setups essentially.

5. Use these speakers to compare to your 10k wishes.

2 real sleepers.....

I dare you......
PSB 300

Have some portable nearfiled listening fun...or play em further...nearfiled will shock you......

Try this track for demo.......

We have similar systems: VPI Scout/JMS 9 and EL34 tube amp (Primaluna), but I have Soundsmith MIMC star and MCP2 mk2. Room is 28x19x9. I listen to mostly jazz and classical, especially chamber music. I went with the GoldenEar Triton Reference after a full afternoon live audition against the One.R...better bass but similar in all other respects. This was before the price increase and I thought it worth the difference as these would be the last speaker I get and the cost difference/yr spread over my life left would be insignificant. Placement has been easy with a wide, deep soundstage, and I do not need a sub. I have no regrets after a year and half.
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I’m surprised no one has mentioned DeVore Fidelity. Their reviews are raves, and several audio journalists have them in their reference systems. 
I own the GE Triton 1’s. Run them with a tube preamp and a Benchmark amp.
I find them to be wonderful full range and accurate speakers.

Salk is great.
If you had a bit more power I would recommend the Maggies (3.7) with a REL bottom.  Yep, they are LARGE, but they are lovely.
I have owned the Salk Song3 Beats for almost 2 years and really like them.  The finish is so nice, I have distressed mahogany veneer.   I have 200 watts so not sure how 40 will do.   I started out with a Krell FPB 200 amp and Krell KRC2 preamp, after buying a new house I switched to a 200 watt McIntosh integrated to cut down on size and number of boxes.    200 watts drives them very easily.  Call Jim Salk, he is a very nice guy that will be honest with you and not pushy at all.  Good luck!
My dimes worth IF you can find a used set of khorns for the cabinets only. I bought the full Volti Audio upgrade and installed myself. If I can do it anybody can. Khorns are now on an otherworldly level. About 107 sensitivity. Can be powered by a 5 wpc single ended tube amp. Respond if interested. I am 78, wish I had done it years ago.
If you want to keep the current electronics go for something very efficient. Tekton is a good call. Audio Note. Devore Orangutan? Many others. 
I had the Golden Ear Reference.  They were good for home theater.  Not as good for 2 channel listening.  To me they were a little boomy and fatiguing in the high frequencies.  I am now running (and prefer) the Tekton Encores which are in your price range.
+1 @mofojo -  40 watts isn't much power for many speakers, therefore you'll have to make sure your speakers are efficient enough.  
You won't be disappointed with the  Nola Contender S3 I had a pair of the NOLA Boxer S3's and upgraded to a pair of NOLA Contender S2's and couldn't be happier I have them connected to an E.A.R. 834 integrated with absolutely amazing results. 
I went on an upgrade quest for my 20 yo VA beethovens and ended up spending so much more for speakers that still were a compromise. If you like what you have and just want more go bigger. changing brands will probably disappoint as you're used to the sound from the 15 yo speakers you're replacing.
I think most 10k speakers would make your Jolida a big bottleneck to great sound. Maybe consider selling the Jolida then spending 7k on new speakers and 4k on a new amp. Just a thought. 7k can go a long way buying used. 
The Golden Ear speakers to my ears are very colored and as someone pointed out, they are better for home video use. There are a lot of great speakers in this range.  I'm a Vandersteen fan like many above and owned the Treo CT's and now have the Quatro's.  I"m sure you'd have them in your final three if you heard all of the suggestions at the same time.  I just like a speaker that is truly phase and time correct and uses pistonic drivers that won't break up like so many other cones do.  

It will be interesting to see which way you go.
For under 10K I would seriously consider Tekton Encores. Over the years (25+) I’ve had several brands and types of hi-end loudspeakers and the Tekton Encores have been the most SATISFYING for the most genres of music, bar none.