Speaker Upgrade Question Quad 22L

I have a pair of Quad 22L's. These are vertically bi amped with PS Audio HCA-2's, GCP 200 pre and a Cairn Fog w/upsampling. I think the Quads might be the weak link in the system. I am thinking of replacing the Quads with Von Schweikert VR-2's, Meadowlark Osprey's or Monitor Audio GR60's (all used) I have heard the VR-2's and they are nice but I have not heard the others. Any opinions or suggestions?
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in all honesty, these all appear to be sideways moves. what is it about the sound of this system that troubles you. on paper, it actually sounds like a very well thought out stereo. the quads may be a little light weight in the bass, but they are certainly as balanced(top to bottom) as the models you've named, and probably more flexable when it comes to matching components.
What do you find lacking with the Quads?
Believe it or not, boomy/bloated bass is my issue at moderate to loud volumes. I should have mentioned my listening room situation. I can only get the speakers 12" away from the back wall and 24" from the side walls. The room is 15' x 25'. (Speakers are on the 15' wall)I have been moving them around for a couple of months trying to rectify the problem but have not had much success. Since the speakers I mentioned have front firing ports, I was assuming that placement would be less of an issue and that would correct the bass problem. I know the Quads are quality speakers but in my case they do not seem to be working and that is why I mentioned them as the "weak link". I am guessing that most rear firing ported speakers would be problamatic in my situation. BTW about 200 hours on the Quads and components are all linked with Signal Cable premium XLR cables
IMHO ..You need to focus on speakers that are sealed, or that can provide you the bass of a sealed alignment. I wouldn't even look at a ported bass reflex speaker in your case. You have the power to go sealed...go for it.

Also a digital eq might help.

Good luck
Orelayer - you have a 15 x 25' room, and you can't get the speakers more than a foot from the back wall? what gives? Pull them out into the room
I would love to be able to pull the speakers out. I am dealing with 2 sofas along the walls a pool table, a fireplace and a wet bar. On one end of the room is a sliding glass door to a patio. Unfortunately, I have to build the system around the room not room around the system. I am going to try putting foam in the port this weekend. Thanks for all the replies!
like i said...try a single amp first. the 11,12 and 22 require very little power, even in a big room.
Filling the ports with foam helped but it also seemed to diminish everything making the speaker sound slightly dull and unexciting. I tried the single amp idea that also helped but by doing so I also noticed less seperation and a diminished sound stage. I can live with that but the bi amping really seemed to bring the system alive except of course for the bass. I guess with my "way" less than perfect room it will always be a give and take situation.Any other suggestions out there?