Speaker upgrade question.

Hi all, 
I haven't been here for quite a while as I've been happy with my KEF Reference Three-Twos driven by a Musical Fidelity A308. They're both vintage but they sound great together and fit my somewhat weird room. I'm pondering spending some bucks in the 3-6K range for new (used) speakers and I have a few questions. Thanks ahead of time for anyone who's not too busy to help.
First, would I be  upgrading beyond what my amp is capable of keeping up with? The MF is fairly powerful, but I'm not sure of its limitations since they don't show up in my current system.
Secondly, how high up the price ladder would I need to go before I'd find speakers that offer an obvious improvement over my KEFs to most ears. There would be little point to pony up money for a comparable sound, however much I subjectively prefer subtle differences.
Finally, for reference purposes, can anyone tell me how the following modern speakers might compare or contrast with mine? (Some aren't in my price range, I know) Triton 1R, Kef R7, comparably priced Monitor, Revel, Gato, Paradigm, etc. I wouldn't mind a bit more punch and a bit more bass than I have now, mostly just to experience a different sound - I respect the KEF signature sound.
I know that sometimes it's hard to accept the premises of these types of questions since such matters are so subjective and a lot of folks like to lobby for their favorite brands. I guess I'm not seeking advice about what to buy. I just want to understand the benefit to me of more modern speakers. It's quite possible it makes no sense for me to upgrade.
Thanks again.
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Hi Marc!  So you have a pretty sweet little set-up.  I think your amp is nice enough that you can upgrade your speakers and get something that sounds different than what you have.  You need to let us know your source, dac, room size, listening preferences and what you are looking for.  There are many great different options out there, just depends on what you are looking for in terms of aesthetics and sound quality.

I personally own a pair of standmounts, the Fritz Carrera BE.  They are $3500.  Pair them with a couple of REL or Rythmik subs and you’d have a pretty outstanding rig.  
Again though, so many good choices today that it comes down to what type of sound, looks and brand you are trying to own.  The new KEF reference line used is something you might consider as well.  They will sound quite different from what you have now and are pretty remarkable as well.
Thanks. I like floorstanding speakers, I use an Audioengine D2 wireless/DAC (I had to save $ somewhere), with Deezer streaming (kind of like Tidal) from a Mac. I'm wary of subs (still traumatized from an earlier ill-fated adventure). The room is large, oddly shaped, with high, slanted ceilings and a wall of huge windows across from the speaker placement -- very much not ideal, and not fixable due to other factors. There's thick carpeting, thank god. I also can't place the speakers more than a foot or so from the wall and the listening seat is within a foot and a half from a wall of window behind it. Each speaker has a slightly complex wall/not wall behind it. I wish the room and our furniture were more flexible.
Despite all that, surprisingly, my system sounds great to my ears. I would not have looked at the room and thought that was possible. Perhaps it's the front ports or the KEF tweeter deal. I don't know.
I listen to a great variety of music, but not modern pop or electronic or the like. Aesthetically. I'm a traditionalist who's willing to bend if the sound warrants it. My KEFs have beautiful cherry veneer which, coincidentally, matches other stuff nearby.
When you say the new KEF References or, presumably, the Golden Ears will sound different, can you tell me more about that? Unfortunately, while I don't quite live in the middle of nowhere, there's nowhere close byto audition equipment. When and if I get serious, I'll take a trip.
Thanks again!
I just bought a new KEF Q-650c for my HT system. I'm very impressed with it. You might want to consider the floor standers from that line of speakers.

Thanks, Dan. I'll look into it.
I love doing equipment research, It harkens back to my fond childhood memories of perusing the Sears Roebuck catalog.