Speaker upgrade plans.....

From Sonus Faber Guarneri with Gravis sub to Kharma Ceramique Reference Monitor 3.2FE....
Any comments ?
You would be well served to keep that sub when you "upgrade" to the Kharma 3.2 especially if you want full range sound. The 3.2 is as weak as can be in bass.
Not a full range speaker.

Good luck!


Paul :-)

Could be more of a sideways move instead of an upgrade.

That said, this is a hobby for many here, so trying different gear is what we do...please report back with the results if you go for it.
My listening room is rather small, so placement of the speakers near the front and side walls is inevitable.
I'm aware that the Kharma's are not known for their full and extended bass.....otoh their mid/woofer and enclosure are bigger than those of the Guarneri's.
I don't know the exact dimensions of your room, so please take my comments with a grain of salt. If you have room in the budget, I would look at the combination of the 3.2 and the Ceramique subwoofer. I think it's the best value in the entire Kharma line--by far. I've only heard the Guaneri twice, but, if my memory serves, the Kharma is going to be significantly quicker and more revealing. The bass QUALITY is actually very good with the Kharma, but the quantity isn't really there, and it should be for a 20k speaker. But, that said, the Cermamique sub addresses all the speaker's bass deficiencies and is a very synergistic match. Only you can decide if the combo is worth the 30k pricetag, however. I would give it a listen if you can.