Speaker upgrade itch Opinions 2500$used

Hello all and happy new year!!!

Like you all I have the upgrade itch and have decided that the speakers are what I want to change out next.

1. My goal is the most holographic soundstage and best imaging I can afford at this price range
2. I have no preference between bookshelf and tower speakers
3. I have no bass requirements as I currently live in an apartment and wouldn't want the bass to annoy the neighbors anyway!
4. Resale value is important, so very rare brands are out
5. My next speaker upgrade probably wont be for 2-5 years
6. Appearence isn't important, although I'd like to keep a reasonable footprint for the speakers
7. This is for a 2 channel only system

Currently the only speakers on my list to audition are Audio Physics Virgo IIs so all other suggestions are appreciated!

Some info about my tastes:

My current system:
Tyler Reference Monitors
Rogue Audio Magnum 66/88 (pre/amp)
CAL CL15 (cdp)
Transparent Audio MusicLink Plus Interconnects
PS Labs Lab2 powercord on cdp
Harmonic Tech ProAC-11 powercord on amp
(no special room treatments)

Current room is 14x18, but will be moving again in 7 months, so who knows what next (so not shopping for room specific speakers!)

The cd's I've been playing a lot of lately:
Cyndi Lauper - At Last
Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue
Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Sessions
Paul Simon - Graceland
Peter, Paul & Mary - 1st LP
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Steely Dan - 2 Against Nature
Laureena McKennit - The Visit
Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac and Rumors
Based on your list of what is important to you, I would suggest looking at Martin Logan electrostat's. If you like a big soundstage, it's hard to beat the "wall of sound" that they produce, and a lot of guys swear it doesn't get any better than tubes driving stat's (I use a Class A SS amp on mine).

In particular, you might consider the ML "Ascent". These go for around $2500-2700 used. As with any big speakers, shipping can be pricey, around $300, so a local seller would make your life easier. Additionally, the "Ascent" has a 3dB attenuator that can be switched in for the woofer if you want to spare your neighbors some of the low frequency energy in your music. These speakers don't have a huge footprint, but they are tall (64").

You can check out the info on them at www.martinlogan.com

Good luck,
Mburns is right, the MLs sound great. Very 3D. Precise imaging. But like all electrostats, you better give them a listen. They arent everyones cup of tea. Also, they can dominate a room, although not deep they are tall and wide.

Using your previous generalized posts stating how bad B & W speakers are, I am left wondering if you dont like the popularity of brands or if the B & W "house sound" is to blame. If it is the latter, a few brands come to mind.

Sonus Faber make excellent sounding speakers, with a lot of the attributes you listed.

I heard some Silverline Sonatina's not long ago that were very warm sounding, but it could have been the electronics (tubes). I dont have a lot of experience with that particular model. I loved the Bolero's, but they have a neutral and precise sound, with a seemingly unlimited upper ocatve. I really like the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter, which the Bolero's use (I really like Dynaudios).

To name a couple more....Spendor and Von Schweikert come to mind.

What do you want to improve upon from your Tylers?
If you can station them at least 2 feet off the rear wall,Soliloquy 6.3 speakers would be a fine choice.They love tubes and I have heard them with Rogue gear.I purchased the 5.3 which are nice but not nearly as dynamic as the 6.3.If the speakers need be closer to the wall I would highly recommend the Meadowlark Ospreys(which I also own).I drive them with a KT-88 amps(Sonic Frontiers SFM-75 Monos)and the sound is glorious.I have also heard the JM Lab Electra 926 sound marvelous with a Rogue amp.Both pair should be available at the $2000 price range with the Electra 926 costing a bit more.
I'm not against B&W at all, I just haven't heard anything by them that was impressive (granted I've only heard their lower lines.

I have enjoyed the Tylers. They are my first step into home audio unless you count my NHT SuperTwo's, but the Tylers are an ENORMOUS step-up from them in terms of clarity, seperation, imaging and soundstage. They dont get me to the toe tapping, emersed in the music state that I am looking for eventually.

My ear and audio vocabulary isn't at a point where I could say what I would like to improve upon.

I've listened to a few sets of electrostats and have never been impressed with them. But it has been a few years since my last listen so I will make sure to audition some again as my appreciation of music/acoustics has grown over the years.
It's all about synergy I keep saying. There are some additional tricks and a couple of qualifiers to the recommendation I have to offer. For this money -- I would throw in JMR Trentes or Offrandes. You can get either within this price range and if you go with Trentes you get to pocket some cash. They LOVE tube gear and the soundstage they give is wonderful. The trick, and I told you there would be one, is that you will get the best results using non-terminated JMR cable. This stuff was made for the speaks and does make a huge difference. Add the cost of the cable to the mix and your still at your budget range. The Offrandes come with their own stands as for the Trentes, the Magic Stands that were an option are now discontinued but good stands are not that expensive and are reported to work well. Listen to these (ones that are broken in since they take some time) and you could find a nice little synergy with the tube gear.