Speaker upgrade for classical music

Hi, I need recommendations for a speaker upgrade. I’m a classical violinist and listen almost exclusively to classical, opera and jazz. No movies, Atmos, etc.  I have a 17x14 listening room (doubles as practice room) with acoustical treatments (phase coherent diffusers at main reflection points and regular ones elsewhere).
Half my listening is in stereo and half in multi-channel (4.0 and 5.1).   All my recordings are either CDs or high-res—DSD and FLAC—audio files. I don’t have a turntable. 

My current system: Marantz SR 8012 amp, Yamaha S1000 CD transport, Exasound e38 DAC and Sigma streamer (connected to the Marantz with analog 5.0 inputs). Speakers: Polk Rti A7 stereo, CSi A6 center, Rti A3 surround, and dual REL T/7i subs. 
What I want: speakers with improved musical detail and clarity that really reproduces the expansiveness of the symphony hall or church. I like a warmer sound than a drier one.  What’s most important to me is to hear what the recording engineer heard. Budget: say 8k or less.

Recommendations?  One other thing: Can I try them out?  And how?  I’m in Santa Fe, not a huge metropolis with lots of audiophile shops. 
Thanks very much. 
I assume that was the Revolution XT 6f.
If so, they don't really reflect "true" Tannoy sound.  You only get that when you arrive around the Stirling/Cheviot price point and then on up.
Does Upscale do home auditions?
I also wish you'd been able to hear something like this larger Harbeth.
I did hear the Turnbury. Wow, blew my socks off. The details and imaging were amazing. That’s more of a true Tannoy sound. 
With the aim of not letting the perfect stand in the way of the good, I’m leaning towards the XT 8F and then upgrade to a “true” Tannoy in a couple of years.  The true ones are out of reach for me right now.  Will try out the larger Harbeth and Graham Audio then. Can’t really now with all the Covid crap going on. 
I see a lot of good recommendations above. I don't see Ohm mentioned. These are great for 5.1 and normal 2-channel. I use them for both. The company has several combinations of HT setups well within your price range. They also have a long audition period in your home (120 days). I suggest you call them and discuss your needs - they are very helpful.

What I find useful is the Ohm's wide area of imaging, so people not sitting on the centerline between the front pair of speakers can enjoy good imaging too. I have not heard other speakers do this as well as Ohm, yet. This is the primary reason I use these for HT.
I am a former classical musician, who has exactly the same taste that you have in my listening.  I have a pair of GoldenEar Triton 1 speakers which are excellent for classical and Jazz.  With your budget you could try the GoldenEar Reference speakers, the next category up from the Tritons.