Speaker upgrade for classical music

Hi, I need recommendations for a speaker upgrade. I’m a classical violinist and listen almost exclusively to classical, opera and jazz. No movies, Atmos, etc.  I have a 17x14 listening room (doubles as practice room) with acoustical treatments (phase coherent diffusers at main reflection points and regular ones elsewhere).
Half my listening is in stereo and half in multi-channel (4.0 and 5.1).   All my recordings are either CDs or high-res—DSD and FLAC—audio files. I don’t have a turntable. 

My current system: Marantz SR 8012 amp, Yamaha S1000 CD transport, Exasound e38 DAC and Sigma streamer (connected to the Marantz with analog 5.0 inputs). Speakers: Polk Rti A7 stereo, CSi A6 center, Rti A3 surround, and dual REL T/7i subs. 
What I want: speakers with improved musical detail and clarity that really reproduces the expansiveness of the symphony hall or church. I like a warmer sound than a drier one.  What’s most important to me is to hear what the recording engineer heard. Budget: say 8k or less.

Recommendations?  One other thing: Can I try them out?  And how?  I’m in Santa Fe, not a huge metropolis with lots of audiophile shops. 
Thanks very much. 
Harbeth for sure. Avoid any suggestions for ribbon or unusual tweeters (like Tekton). You’ll want super smooth treble. The M40.2 are the best I’ve heard in this price range, and I play in an orchestra.
OMG !!! https://youtu.be/fAONAurSySg?t=2

They are selling Hawks in VIETNAM , never saw any in my two years there.
Speakers are not set up right .

Dan ,being 85 years on this planet I second you on Tannoy .I thought on saying something about it but he is a long way from a dealer and the last time I looked the better ones were a lot of money.Some of the people who left Tannoy when they went Chinese are building them in Scotland under a name that starts with F and getting
great reviews .I was a KEF man fior twenty years , the problem I hear with their drivers cut off without any delay which is not cool with Classical .Could be just me of course , but I hear it with Totem Forests .

Regarding the Tannoys and KEF for center/surround combination: how did you decide that KEF would be a good complement?  Curious, since I’m trying to figure out what to look for to pair main speakers with the surrounds. Thanks!
Magnepans 1.7i or the 3.7i if your room is big enough for 3.7i’s with a Parasound A21+ will be hard to beat for the money. For a preamp look at the Schitt Freya+. With the 1.7i’s you can probably do it all with some Canare speaker cable in your original budget and be a killer system with your subs.
Call Truewill Mashburn at Lucky Dog HiFi. He is local, really knows
his stuff, and is committed to good outcomes.