Speaker upgrade for classical music

Hi, I need recommendations for a speaker upgrade. I’m a classical violinist and listen almost exclusively to classical, opera and jazz. No movies, Atmos, etc.  I have a 17x14 listening room (doubles as practice room) with acoustical treatments (phase coherent diffusers at main reflection points and regular ones elsewhere).
Half my listening is in stereo and half in multi-channel (4.0 and 5.1).   All my recordings are either CDs or high-res—DSD and FLAC—audio files. I don’t have a turntable. 

My current system: Marantz SR 8012 amp, Yamaha S1000 CD transport, Exasound e38 DAC and Sigma streamer (connected to the Marantz with analog 5.0 inputs). Speakers: Polk Rti A7 stereo, CSi A6 center, Rti A3 surround, and dual REL T/7i subs. 
What I want: speakers with improved musical detail and clarity that really reproduces the expansiveness of the symphony hall or church. I like a warmer sound than a drier one.  What’s most important to me is to hear what the recording engineer heard. Budget: say 8k or less.

Recommendations?  One other thing: Can I try them out?  And how?  I’m in Santa Fe, not a huge metropolis with lots of audiophile shops. 
Thanks very much. 
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No contest. Magnepan 3.7i's. You already have the two subs to put under them. These speakers will give you a much more realistic sound stage. Instruments will appear their normal size and not a micro version of themselves. Violins in particular will sound much more realistic. As you improve your electronics the differences and improvements will stand out. The only speakers better are ESLs and some horns but for way more money. The 3.7i's are an amazing value. There are 6 figure speakers that can not compete. You will never look at another sardine can again. 
Happy to recommend Vienna Acoustics.   I understand they have different price points.   As a classical music lover myself, we couldn’t be happier.  We managed to find their top of the line speakers available as a demo, and so we upgraded from our initial Vienna’s.

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Yes, Alta Audio is far too rare to spot in the used market. Thou I believe they are US made, has I mistaken?
I heard them twice in audio shows and always amazed me... as well as everyone else in the room as well.
+1 for the maggie's as well