Speaker upgrade for classical music

Hi, I need recommendations for a speaker upgrade. I’m a classical violinist and listen almost exclusively to classical, opera and jazz. No movies, Atmos, etc.  I have a 17x14 listening room (doubles as practice room) with acoustical treatments (phase coherent diffusers at main reflection points and regular ones elsewhere).
Half my listening is in stereo and half in multi-channel (4.0 and 5.1).   All my recordings are either CDs or high-res—DSD and FLAC—audio files. I don’t have a turntable. 

My current system: Marantz SR 8012 amp, Yamaha S1000 CD transport, Exasound e38 DAC and Sigma streamer (connected to the Marantz with analog 5.0 inputs). Speakers: Polk Rti A7 stereo, CSi A6 center, Rti A3 surround, and dual REL T/7i subs. 
What I want: speakers with improved musical detail and clarity that really reproduces the expansiveness of the symphony hall or church. I like a warmer sound than a drier one.  What’s most important to me is to hear what the recording engineer heard. Budget: say 8k or less.

Recommendations?  One other thing: Can I try them out?  And how?  I’m in Santa Fe, not a huge metropolis with lots of audiophile shops. 
Thanks very much. 
Budget of $8K was mentioned. Not sure I’d spend that much on speakers without upgrading from your Marantz receiver. If the Marantz must stay then I’d suggest Magnepans since your Marantz is probably on the warmer side and you already have the subs. The 1.7’s are probably plenty big for your room and you’ll save a lot of money, or spend some of the cash to upgrade to warmer cables along with. If you play real loud the Maggie’s might not be your best choice although I think they play plenty loud for my ears.
Regarding the Marantz. I just happened to have it left over from the living room, and since it has analog in, thought I’d use it.  No one put my system together, just used spare parts. 
I‘m willing to move from the Marantz, maybe suggestions for amp + speakers <= $10k?
The original Quad ESL “57” was exquisite listening to Menuhin playing the Beethoven concerto but didn’t do loud and the tone changed when I moved my head. A more modern electrostatic may be worth an audition.
Used Thiel CS series, highly detailed and coherent but not made any more, they need current, see Thiel owners thread. 
BBC monitors now made by Graham (Chartwell) Audio, designed by the BBC engineers to monitor their broadcasts before Rock music existed and still very good at their job.