Speaker upgrade around 100k retail

Hi guys,

I'm selling my Focal Maestro Utopia III speakers, which I love very much. Nothing wrong with them, I only have the bug again. So here are the ones I'm considering as next step

- Focal Stella Utopia EM (not the new EVO)
- Rockport Altair 2
- Magico M Project
- Tidal Agoria

My system:

CH Precision C1 + D1 / dCS Rossini
Krell EVO Two
Krell FPB 450 mcx / Lamm M1.2 / Burmester 911 monos
Tara Labs cabling

I would buy them as ex-demo or second hand, price differences are within 10-20k range.

So please share your thoughts, experiences, suggestions. Which one yould you choose?
At $50k the Snell A7 are on ebay sold for $7k, Could go with momentum monoblocks for them  put the rest in gear(Illusions)
I would qualify your request by asking for people that have actual experience with the speakers, not just hearsay or reading a review. I could care less about somebodies opinion if they actually haven’t heard them.

I’m with the OP, I wouldn’t ask a dealer for their opinion. Most if not all dealers will only recommend what they carry not what might be best for their existing equipment/room/taste. Now if you wanted to stay in the same line of speaker then ask a dealer that carries that brand 
you font say how much space you gage; but, if you’ve got enough, for WAY less than  hundred large; why not get four Klipsch corner horns and two large Klipsh horns for front and rear center channels. Then add a pair of big, mean subwoofers, maybe something along the lines of the largest HSU Labs subwoofer, or if your even barely competent with basic hand tools, try the “El Pipo” from free plans and videos on the net. When I was in my DC and SFO houses, I made myself a pair of El Pipos. We had a forty-four foot long by 16 feet wide open living room and dining room open area. Even with the windows open, you could still feel the air pressure in the room puff noticeably when the bass or synth player hit a low fundamental. 
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