speaker upgrade

I am looking to upgrade from my Paradigm studio 40s v2. I am currently using all parasound halo equipment.Jolida moded 100 cd player. I am using the A 23 amps to power the speakers. I am looking into The VON Schweikert vr 4 jr. Looking at a budget of 2500 to 3000. I listen mostly to rock to jazz. Thanks for any suggestions Joe.
The Paradigms are a little dark for the equipment you have. (Parasound is very good) I like Paradigms with harsh equipment because it is forgiving.
The VR 4's are good but are a little wooly in the bass so if you like a lot of detail and control in the bass it may not work as well with your electronics. Or you may love them.
I would also look at Vienna Acoustics, Totem, Aerial, Joeseph Audio and Intui\itive Design which all have sounds that would work well with the richness of the Parasound.
Talon Raven C speakers will give you incredible jazz music and rock out like no other speaker that I have heard. You can find them used for around $3K. Add bybee filters and the heavy spikes and won't be disappointed. Also easy to drive and can play really loud and clear.

happy Listening.
How about Paradigm Studio 60 or the Studio 100? I have owned the whole Studio line, 20, 40, 60, 80 (no longer made) and the 100s. Loved them all. I recently traded my 100s in for a set of B&W. I am going back to the paradigm line. I use all tubed gear.
I have heard the VR4-JR's with the A23 as well as the A21. Not a good match in my opinion. However, the introduction of a tube preamp made the combo sound really nice. Your JD100 may make the Para/VSA combo sound really good. If your room is small the prodigious bass of the VR4's may be a little much. Audition, audition, audition.

In your price range you could probably pick up a pair of Martin Logan Ascent i's as they have recently been discontinued.

Good luck!
i think one of the best buys out there is tyler acoustics. by the way ty uses jolida products at shows with them. they can be driven by either solid state or tubes. depending on the size of your room should depend on what you get. i have finally found a speaker thats neutral enough but is capable of playing all forms of music. they are in your price range and ty has a trade up program so people are always trading up to the next model. tact audio had a pair of tyler acoustic linbrook system 2 for a listen and vr4 jr's and the linbrook was the better sounding. if you want to step up i would go with the linbrook signature monitor with stands. the speakers are
55lbs each. i have them for my a/v system and because this model is rear ported the bass is down to 35 hz. if you want a floor standing model go with the linbrook signature monitors. you could probably get a pair close to your price range that was traded in. they are front ported but play down to 25 hz. if i were you i would get the traded in model for $$$$ savings. go on their website at
www.tyleracoustics.com look up what ty has for sale usedand the new ones as well. some of the speakers are less than 6-9 months old as people are trading up to his next model. i also have the woodmere and with all the speakers i have had these have to be the best of the best especially when you concider the price per performance. i would call them a sonic steal. call ty and let him know that i said to give you a good deal. you cannot go wrong with the speakers i mentioned. remember they are factory direct so there is no doubling of the price as in a stereo store so you are actually buying them for cost comapred to the marked up lines in speaker stores.

good luck

The second post said that he didn't like the B&W's after Paradigm, actually they are both equals with different trade offs so it wasn't an upgrade to switch or now to switch back. Main problem is that B&W's don't work well with tube amps. I would try getting a little more exotic than B&W or Paradigm and with a smaller companu\y that is less market driven.
I agree with Bill's Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature System recommendation. I happen to own these, and can easily say that they are definitely a good value for the money for just over 3K/pr. used (5.5K new) in my book.

I am a big VS speaker fan as well, and I like the 4JRs a lot... That said, the speaker in the VS line that most closely matches the sound of the Linbrook System (original) to my ears is the DB99 mk II that cost 12K new/6K a pair used.

Good luck,

Wow Millenium Bill!
I didn't know that retailers made a 100% profit.
I guess that is why they all drive thouse ostentatious Hyundais.

Just for reference Bignerd100... 100% markup does not equal 100% profit. I think Bill was referring to 50% gross margin off retail price (or a 100% markup on dealer cost).

Keep in mind that is *gross* margin, not net profit. Of course this will vary both positively and negatively depending on the model and brand in question. It is a highly probable scenario as a general rule though for most B&M stores... After all, they have other costs to pay that Ty and other direct sellers do not. This is in no way a slam on B&M stores (I buy both ways just as an aside), just reality based on two completely different distribution models.

the vrs are not only wooly in the lower octives, they are now made in china in a plant that cranks out 'speakers to spec'. stick with the paradigms-the studio 100s are extremely flat from top to bottom.
I upgraded to Silverline Sonata II's for $2,800 used (delivered). Full range, very efficient, nice looking and very good sound. They come up for sale about once a month or so, so you have to be patient.
Hi Joe, give the Totem Mani-2s a whirl and I guarantee you will be very impressed. I have owned Paradigm, B&W, Magnepans, Tannoy, ect. and for two channel listening in the 3K - 4K range the Totem Mani-2s are hands down the best speaker I have heard in years. They are everything Totem says they are and more!
Do you mean that stores that have a showroom and employees and power bills and building repairs have overhead? It is good to see that someone here understands that the Mom & Pop should not sell at ten points above cost as some sort of duty to the audiophile community. I think that when done right (which all who speak of Tyler Acoustics tout exceptional service) direct distribution to the consumer can be a very good thing. This can provide those who understand the pitfalls of this hobby with a great product at a reasonable price. It is the vast expanse of "mid-fi" that is most likely to suffer from direct marketing. THese consumers are more often than not people who do not know as much about this hobby. They can use the advice and guidance of an actual retail store that can answer all of their questions directly rather than having to research banks of posts filled with oppinion and veiled by the anonymity of the internet.

2cent rant (done).
Tyler Acoustics.

I've owned the 2 piece Linbrooks and now have Woodmeres.

Great sound and value.

Even better customer service.