speaker upgrade

It is time to upgrade my speakers. I am currently using Audio Physic Virgos. I am impressed with the speed and detail. They even have decent bass after I learned how to drive them properly. The current choice is an upgrade to Audio Physic Calderas, but before I spend that much money, I am looking for other suggestions. I have auditioned and rejected Hales Transcendance, Dunlavy Mark 4A, and Martin Logan Monoliths. The system is an upgraded McCormick DNA-1 amp, Placette full active preamp, Audio Research CDT-1 and DAC3 Mark II. Power cables and interconnects have been upgraded. Budget is $12k. Any suggestions, picks or pans?
I have a recommendation: go listen to the Talon Audio Khorus. Let me know what you think.
PBN MONTANAS,incredible dynamics but yet very detailed and refined.the eps and xp models are in your range.good luck.
Have a listen to a pair of Tannoy System 15 DMT II. Strap them onto a base made of 6 concrete cinder blocks with chains at the bottom and heavy duty bungy cord from the top. They list at around $6K. Only problem is that they're not sold in hifi shops, only in pro audio stores. For the ultimate, try Tannoy Westminister Royals which occasionally appear used within your price range. My choice if I had no budget restraints. Of course, these belong to the high-sensitivity, horn-loaded, coaxial tradition of speaker design and aren't for everybody. But I know more than one audiophile who got rid of his subwoofered Quad ESLs to make room for the big dual concentrics. Just a thought. Enjoy your choice; I can't think of a more pleasing task to undertake.
i'd check out the avantgarde duo's, sometimes awailable used , at or below your price-range (for their latest wersion; the earlier wersion is even less $$$). as this speaker is outta my price-range, i am going to get a custom-tweeked pair of the newform research 645r's - check out their www, & the reviews on audioreview. especially interesting on the audioreview comments are the associated equipment used (not yust the speakers). doug
I was in your same position about a year ago and listened to many of the same speakers you have mentioned. After auditioning Dunlavy SC-IV/A, B+W N801/802, Avalon, Eggleston, Dynaudio, Wilson, Aerial, Thiel, Martin Logan, etc., I finally purchased the Revel Studios. After a year of ownership, I am still impressed at how live recorded music sounds through them. As for Audio Physic, I was very impressed by the Libras and felt that the Virgos, for their price, were the best in their class. Hope this helps.
Sell your amp, and get the any SET amp, and than audition the Edgarhorn "Virtuosy"(5k)! Or do that first, and try it with your amp. Either way, give it a "shot"!
Are you anti tubes?? I think they are a part of what you are missing.(not for sure,but---)
I'd buy a different amp before I'd go to another speaker. I really like the Virgo's although I wouldn't buy them myself. Try a VT100MKII or a SF Power 2, it'll add some life to your system - and it won't cost you 12k. :P
Tweak1, have you had a chance to compare the Mapleshade Double Golden Helix against any other cables?
Don't even think of buying a speaker without auditioning the SoundLab A1. It lists for $15.5K but you can probably get a good discount.Or just use your credit card. You need lots of space though.
Asfortier, Tried both of those amps. That's why I have the McCormick.
Avguygeorge, Mostly, I am anti-tube. I auditioned a lot of tube amps and pre-amps but could not find one that let me hear all of the notes. However, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the Audio Research DAC. They provided warmth, an expanded sound stage, and - surprisingly - more detail and low end response. Perhaps this is the proper place for tubes.
Dolphin, I went to the website and was impressed by what I saw about the Korus speakers. Do you have them in your system? If so, please provide additional info.
Give a listen to Proac 3.8's, around $7500.