Speaker upgrade

Good morning all, hope everyone is well.

My planned HIFI change for 2023 is a change in loudspeakers. My top contenders are JBL L100, Klipsch Forte IV or Corwall IV’s, another couple I am very interested in are the Volit Razz, and possibly the Paradigm F80.

System consists of Rogue RP-1, Rogue Atlas Mag III, Line Magnetic CD-24, MOFI Master deck and Master tracker.

Room is an untreated living room 15x15, hardwood with thick throw rug and lightly furnished.

I have listened to the Klipsch and the Paradigm, enjoyed them both. They are different animals as one would imagine.

I listen to mostly Jazz, Rock and "American Roots" (not modern country).

Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.


BTW, don't take my word for it, pull a woofer out and take a look at the quality level of the parts used. Then sum up those costs, not very much considering what the retail cost is.  


I am curious now and will look into what is used in my Aviors. Which brand of speakers uses the components you are talking about? 
Happy listening !



I completely understand. I was in the exact same boat. But before you can determine what is used, you have to understand what good parts are for a crossover first. I have owned the Aviors and have owned several pairs of Wilsons. They all use decent but cheap parts. They are OK parts but far, far, far away from the best parts.

Once you hear a speaker with copper foil caps, Mills wire wound resistors and high quality inductors your jaw will drop.


This statement is proof enough that you have no clue what you’re speaking of, that and you likely haven’t owned speakers anywhere near the caliber of Aviors. Rockport actually customizes the crossover of each individual speaker to account for the minute differences of each individual driver, so no two pair of speakers will have the exact same inductor/cap specs. The benefit of this should far exceed that of merely using the most expensive/boutique parts money can buy.

A good speaker is more than the sum of high quality parts.

I almost bought some Tyler H3.5's and probably would have liked them. Tyler's speakers are still at the top of my list that i would like to hear though I'd prefer to hear Tyler's designs if he does some himself.  I have owned numerous of Danny's speakers though I wasn't aware they were designed by him for many of them. They were great and i had one pair in my main system over 10 years.  Nothing against Danny, but at some point I wanted to hear someone else's influence.  If you want heft, dynamics, and loudness,  I recommend my current favorite,  KEF 107's. For my tastes also detailed yet smooth. I've only had them for 1 year, but they continue to impress me every day.  Best I've owned in 30 year search. I was willing to and did spend much more,  but landed on these.  They're great for jazz and rock, but that really depends on whether or not you like their sound signature. They're the only speakers my girlfriend got upset about when she thought I was going to sell them, so I guess I have to keep them.